Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend here in the Foltz Family. Since we only have a few weekends with my father-in-law home, we have not missed one beat. We havent even stopped to tell you the truth. Here we are Monday and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Im almost positive that Paisley and I will be staying in jammies today and doing nothing but having a movie day. Anywho, here is our weekend in pictures. 

We spent Friday Day at the beach on Honeymoon Island. Here in FL we have had more cloudy, rainy days this summer than actually sun, so we decided that since it was fairly nice we had to take advantage of it and get ourselves out and to the beach. It was hot, but so nice to finally get to be outside and enjoy some sunshine. Paisley, however, had other plans. She cried 90% of the time we were there. Wanted nothing to do with the water, sitting in my lap, laying on a beach towel in shade. Nothing would settle our poor little girl. Little stressful, but we got some good ole vitamin D and thats all that matters. Oh, and Paisley lost my favorite pair of glasses. First time that I have actually wanted to cry over losing a pair of sunglasses. 

Friday night, the hubs and I enjoyed our first real date night. I know, you dont have to tell me I am crazy because my baby is six months and we havent even had a real date night. It was a moment well deserved. We started the night off with a little sushi happy hour at a new place in town and it was the best sushi of my life! I had a bowl of Kickin' Krab Chowder that was to die for while the hubs enjoyed some Edamame, then we split four rolls: Tampa, Gator, Spicy Tuna and Japanese Bagel. Japanese Bagel was our fav, but truthfully, they were all so good it was hard to pick just one! And to end the night we had some Coldstone!! How could you not end a perfectly good day with a little sweet treat!?

Saturday we slept in, hung for a bit, and then took a drive to St. Pete to pick up a little special something for Paisley Grace and to do a little bit of antiquing. Fun, relaxing day!! 

 Paisley got a jumperoo!!

Sunday, we did church mostly all day, but then napped at home and watched baseball for the last half. Paisley also sat up for the first time all by herself and said MOMMA FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Best day so far :)

And she's sucking her thumb :)

Great weekend for us! What did you do this weekend?

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