Friday, November 29, 2013

A Thankful Season

This year has been a big year for our little family! We welcomed Paisley Grace Foltz into our world January 15, 2013 and we also purchased our first home on September 27, 2013. You could say that we have been busy and this year has been quite good to say the least! 

I would be lying if I didnt say that this past year has come with an awful lot of challenges. I want to give y'all a list of reasons why through the thick and thin of this year I am still thankful for everything we have had to go through, not just because its November, but as I look back on everything this far, I really am extremely blessed. 

1. I am thankful for an amazing husband! My hubbys works 6 days a week and to say that he never misses a beat is an understatement. He gives over and above anyone I know and always puts himself last on the list. I am one lucky gal :)

2. Paisley Grace. Its been what feels like a few short months with this little peanut, but she has brought so much joy and so much happiness to our lives. Its ridiculous! I dont know how we ever did life without her. I mean, I was able to sleep every night, but she is so fun and has quite the personality!

3. Our new home. There was many, many tears, blood and sweat put into our home. Buying a "fixer upper" and having a new baby is not the most ideal situation. I dont recommend doing what we did, but I am so blessed to be able to call something "mine."

4. Family. This is huge for me! I love my family so very much and am so thankful for each and everyone of them. I dont get to see my family but twice a year and even though its so hard and I miss out on a lot, I am so thankful that I have in-laws to fill the gaps where my family cant. I have the best family!

5. Being a stay at home mom. This might shock some of y'all but I love being home with Paisley. There are rough days mixed in with all the good, and even though its a lot of work, a lot of patience, sometimes stressful I am so glad I have the opportunity to be with our daughter every single day and not miss a beat of what is happening in her world. 

6. Coffee. Someone please give me an amen??? For all the sleepless nights I get, lets just say I am so thankful that this keeps me running! Dont you agree?

7. Living in FL. I never saw myself ever living in FL, but it has opened a world of doors for us and I am so thankful we get to be here somewhere beautiful. Makes up for being thousands and thousands of miles from my parents.

8. Blogging. I decided to start blogging right before Paisley was born to keep my family in touch with our lives, and well, this little corner of the world has become a great outlet for me to write, learn and make great friends! I dont know what I ever did before I became a blogger.

These are just a few reasons of why I am thankful, but if you havent already its kind of fun to make a list of why you are thankful. Keeps your eyes focused on the GOOD things in life :) 

Thank you Kaeley for having me!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

His & Her Chrismas Wish List

After buying a house and having a baby all in one year I would say that we are pretty much done for, but there are a few other things that we are needing to move forward into this next year! I am so excited for all the new things that are to come in 2014 and new opportunities that will begin shortly after the New Year! Hope you will stay tuned till then!


Nikon D3100 after much research I have selected the camera and I am so excited for this little thing to come :)

Camera Tote I found this on Etsy and I am in love! It will be a great addition to the one listed above!


Men's Boat Shoes the hubs ruined his nice pair working on our house and the ones he had they discontinued. I think this ones will make the replacement pretty smooth

Weed Whacker so that our lawn can look just as nice as the neighbors! No seriously..


Yamaha MM8 the hubs and I so desperately need a keyboard. We have been searching for over a year and waiting for a good deal and we found one and its on layaway! I so cant wait till this thing is in my home!!

Sustain Pedal it will be a must for the new addition to our home :)

Keyboard Stand because the keyboard will need some place to sit right?

Happy Holidays!

Stocking Stuffers for Him & Her

I dont know about you, but I find stocking stuffers to be so fun! We open stockings first thing in the morning and then sometimes do breakfast or open presents and then breakfast. This year with Paisley, I think we will be doing it all at once because I have a feeling Paisley will be so overly excited about her big gift from Santa! Y'all I cant tell you how excited I am for Christmas! This year might just top them all....


Happy Holidays!!

Paisley's Christmas & Birthday Wish List

I cant believe Christmas is almost here and before long my baby will be turning ONE!! 
Oh the time flies and I just cant catch a grip!

Most of Paisley's Christmas stuff has arrived {thank you grandparents} I, on the other hand am slacking and have not ordered a single thing for her yet! I will be on that right after Thanksgiving though!

Here is what Paisley is asking for her FIRST Christmas

Paisley's birthday happens to be a few weeks after Christmas {lucky girl} and here is what she is asking

Stocking Stuffers for the Mini

Today I am linking up with Elise from Cheers Y'all for this fun Christmas stocking idea!! Since my hubs is hard to shop for, I chose to share what Paisley is getting, because well she's easy and shopping for her has been so much fun :)

I have really had to work so hard at not going over budget or buying things because lets face it, its so easy to spend money and go overboard with the mini's :) 

1. Annabel Karmel popsicle molds. Paisley has an obsession with sucking on ice and what better way than to let her have some fun with these cute molds and some fruit purees! I hope she likes these! Moms have you tried these?

2. BLOCKS!! We spend a lot of time playing with her little shape blocks and when I saw these wooden ones in the $1 section at Target, I knew they were a must! We will have lots of fun stacking these and knocking them down...and working on our letters :)

3. Toddler Crayons. We have been working on coloring some and I am hoping with these fun, easy to hold crayons, Paisley will get better at coloring and we can add another fun activity to our list! Any other recommendations for coloring for a 1 year old? {oh my she really is almost one. EEEk}

4. Nuby toothbrush set. I really want us to get in a good habit of brushing Paisley's teeth. She only has the bottom two, but it wont be long before we start getting more teeth, and what better way to start then when she is little. 

5. Wooden Abc Puzzle {similar here} We are just now getting into puzzles and so far they have been a great distraction and a great toy for Paisley to mess with! 

I have picked up a few other things that arent listed, but I am so excited for Christmas morning and how much fun Paisley is about to have! LOTS of new toys and that will make playing that much more fun!

Happy Holidays!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Mommy & Me/Weekend Recap

How is it seriously almost Thanksgiving! My mind cant even wrap itself around where this year went. Oh wait....I have a baby that I am dreading turning one in two months!! 

We have busy week up a head of us, but I am looking forward to spending lots of time with family, a little shopping and well, eating about 10 pounds of food Thursday! Do y'all have any fun family traditions you are looking forward to this year?

Friday, we went to the Hillsong United concert, and while it was a little challenging with Paisley, they were stellar! As a performer and musician, I so appreciate when you attend a good concert where they actually sing! What you hear in their CDs is exactly what you get live. Flawless. Incredibly humble and so beyond having the fame, and their name. If you ever get a chance to see them, GO!!

Saturday, we spent the morning lounging, then Christmas decoration shopping at Michael's and dinner at an amazing local BBQ place. My hubs and I moved from Austin and we have found ok BBQ, but this place almost compares to Rudy's. Truthfully, nothing compares to TX BBQ, but this was so close y'all! If you ever visit TX or you have never been to a Rudy's, do yourself a favor and get yourself there immediately! You will thank me later :) Try the extra moist brisket...that's always my fav! We closed out the night with a Festival of Trees event. BEST part of the month so far! Paisley LOVED all the lights, trees, ornaments, Christmas decorations, and well, she wasn't too fond of Santa, but it was a great night! Makes me that much more excited to get our Christmas stuff up this week and how she will light up to all that is about to rock her little world!

Sunday, Pais and I stayed home from church. I am finally getting over this nasty cold and not having a voice, and sadly, Paisley has moved from her virus last week to my yucky cold :( It literally breaks my heart seeing her feel yucky. Her and I spent yesterday morning cuddling and watching a Christmas movie. Then while she napped I spent hours cleaning and doing laundry {all that I slacked on last week}, making Paisley a tutu for Christmas {post to come} and finishing a Christmas banner. Productive morning for me while my baby had a great nap! We spent the evening celebrating my SIL's birthday complete with food, cake and a bonfire! 

Great weekend if you ask me ;)

And now for a spew of random pics from this weekend...

Hope y'all have the HAPPIEST Thanksgiving!!!

My Everyday Love

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

What a miserable week this has been for this family! The perks of my husband being a teacher means that he brings home a lot of sickness. Im sure you can guess where this is all going....


Let me just preface right here....As a nursing mother and getting a severe cold, there might just be nothing worse. The only thing I have been told that I can take is lots of fluid, tylenol and rest. But seriously, how can one rest when they have a baby in the house??? Let me tell you, this week has been fun. Paisley had two Dr's appointments this week to figure out what viral infection she has, and lets not even go there about the sleep thing with her. On a positive note, Target Brand Afrin and Ricola's Extra Strength Cough Drops have been a godsend. I've hated nose drops in the past because they never work, and if there is one thing keeping me sane right now, it would be the $1.14 I spent to have my nose free and clear. They actually work! And while Halls cough drops are nasty, these Ricola's work like a charm! Atleast this didnt happen during Thanksgiving


TONIGHT!!! We have been waiting ever so patiently to see Hillsong in concert, and tonight is finally the night! I might feel yucky but nothing is holding me back from seeing these guys!! 


I have yet to find the "perfect" First Christmas outfit for Paisley, so I am taking drastic measures and making her Christmas outfit this year....a TUTU!! I am really excited to get this project going and I can only imagine what a beauty she will be :)


I LOVE doing the whole Black Friday thing, but seriously I am so disappointed that it begins at 6 pm THURSDAY NIGHT!! America, get real, and let people enjoy time with their families. It technically only happens several times a year when everyone is able to get together and visit. I will not be supporting any Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving. Doesnt matter that it may be $2 movies, this girl will be staying in and enjoying family time and having fun!


I havent decided if we will be breaking the Christmas stuff out this weekend or on Black Friday when we normally do things, but here is what I am thinking for a centerpiece idea for the table. I have searched high and low this year for just the "right" centerpiece and I think this might just be our winner....

Happiest of weekends dear friends and Happy Thanksgiving! 
I will be taking next week off from blogging and will be back after Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with your families :)