Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Comes to Visit

My Mom, Arie, Gabby, and Kylar (and little peanut) got to come visit us a few weeks ago! We had a blast (bit sleepy), but nonetheless we had soo much fun. Kylar bugs has gotten so big!!! Man do I miss that little guy! We did the beach several days, we went shopping, the aquarium, and just simply got to hang out. I miss having family closer and getting to be a part of Kylars life. Children grow so quickly that I feel like I missed a whole lifetime with him.

The weather wasnt overly great while they were here, but we still had fun and we still got some FL sunshine so that we could enjoy the beach. Kylar loved the beach!! He played in the sand, collected seashells, and put his toes in the water. Too cute to watch. I cant wait till Paisley is old enough to play with us at the beach.

Kylar and Paisley had a blast together. I have the cutest nephew....Paisley had the hiccups one evening and Kylar bugs walked right over and grabbed his sippy cup and brought it to Pais to make her hiccups go away. Sweetest moment of my life :) Kylar also would grab her nu-nu or take his out and give it to Pais when she was fussing. Again, another sweetest moment of my life. He is such a sweet boy. I think he is going to do exceptionally well with his little sister :)

We did the aquarium one day and it was a blast! We all had fun. Paisley slept through most of it, but it gave me an opportunity to hold Kylar and walk around with the girls for a bit :)

A week went by so very fast. When it comes to family, time never seems to stand still no matter how you wish it would. Fun week. Glad that Aunt Gabs and Aunt Arie could meet Pais and I could see Arie's little belly bump. Cant wait for June to come when we can see everyone again!! Love you family :)

TWO Months!!

Age: 2 Months
Birthday: January 15, 2013
Weight: 10 pounds 9 ounces
Length: 23 inches
Sleep: Sleeping 8 hours at night (yay!!!) and generally takes a morning nap for 3 hours and then naps on and off in the afternoon. If I am lucky, she will take a two hour nap in the afternoon.
My Bedtime: 9:30
Favorite Toy: Still the bear mobile on her pack-n-play, a few rings, and the toys on her playmat 
Clothes Size:  Newborn 
Diaper Size: Newborn
Milestones Reached: Cooing, smiling lots, grabbing on to some things
Firsts: A trip to the aquarium with family, grocery shopping, a concert, blow outs (haha), taking a few naps in the crib, real baths!!
Best Mood: Our happiest time of the day is the mornings, but she now becoming less fussy and a much happier baby throughout the day. Evenings are still off and on. 
Best Moments: Absolutely cuddling and when she eats at 5:00 am. She is one happy, happy baby and talks and talks. It makes getting up that early so totally worth it!! Im so in love with this little girl. No one told me how a child can take on a whole new level of being in love. 

Worst Moment: Well lately its been the evenings, but mostly that is due to not getting enough "fat" from breastmilk and also I think we are dealing with a dairy allergy. Its been a little scary at points! 

One Month|Two Month

**Paisley Grace these last two months have been some of the greatest moments of my life, and they also have been some of the most challenging moments. You have filled our home with so much love. I love getting to see your daddy interact with you....its so very cute and sweet. He is the greatest daddy and greatest husband. We girls are totally blessed with him. Your puppy Harley Jane I think is just smitten by you. She loves to kiss you and protects you from everything and everyone. Its been so fun to watch you grow and all the new things you do. I love, love, love this stage and the talking and smiling you are doing. Your little coo's just make my heart melt. One day you will know this feeling :) I cant get enough of you. Nuff said my darling :) We love you sooo very much!!

Newborn Pics

Facebook for some reason is giving me issues with pictures, and them being public, so instead of posting all of our precious baby girls photos from her photo shoot I will post for our friends and family this way. I am so very pleased with how these came out. I wish that we could have done more family ones, but by the time we got to the family photos little missy was completely done for. Eventually we will get more, and I will try very hard to not be so disappointed. ha. Paisley Grace didnt sleep through these pics much, so it made it a little harder, but I think what we did get I am in love with, so it makes up for everything else :) Our photographers were some friends of ours from church that happened to do our maternity photos as well. Love them! They are excellent and so down to earth (why we love them)! Enough rambling and here they are.....

Love this photo. I made her headband for this shoot :)

 We found this cute hat at a boutique store close-by

 My Pride and Joy

 Sweet, Sweet Baby

 This is my favorite pic of her to date

 Isnt she just precious?

 This is Harley's baby...

 Loves to kiss her baby

 Daddy and Pais

 My friend Jenica made this tutu for our princess

 Pinterest came in very handy for this one

 Pure Happiness!

 Love my little family

She has an obsession with her hands. Its quite cute

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome, Paisley Grace Foltz

She is finally here!! We could not be more excited or more in love with this little girl. She is beyond what I could have ever asked for, and for those of you know me...SHE HAS HAIR!! That was the first thing that Aaron said when he got to look at her. She is absolutely beautiful!! She came by C-section and was born at 5:08 am January 15, 2013 and weighted 6 pounds 11 ounces. I started having contractions Sunday the 13th at 7:00am and by 5:00 am Monday the 14th we were at the hospital with what we thought was active labor only for them to send us home for several hours and then come back for the induction. Lets just say that neither Aaron nor I slept at all on Sunday or Monday. But it was all worth it now that she is here with us. I will post the birth story here soon but here are some of our favorite pics!

Right before the Epidural

Our new family of 3!

Paisley Grace Foltz

 She's little :)
Holding Daddy's finger
 Shes just so cute!!

Happy Birthday Paisley Grace! I love you so!!

40 Weeks

Due Date: TODAY!!! (Jan 11th)

How Far Along? 40 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 28 Pounds

Maternity Clothes: Still all the same, but mostly sweatpants and comfy t-shirts

Stretch Marks: Still have the few under my belly button. Thought I would walk away with none, but at the last minute they have appeared :(

Sleep: Sleeping good for the few hours that I do get

Missing Anything: Well lets just say that I am soo ready to have this baby so I can feel comfortable again. I am doing everything in my power to try to get her to come early, but nothing has worked so far :( I don't love this part of pregnancy and feeling so huge lol

Movement: She's still moving despite the fact that she literally has no room. She LOVES my ribs, but my ribs do not love her so much. She has dropped a lot so I feel her fingers and arms going all the time :)

Food Cravings: Anything spicy!!

Anything Making You Sick? Nothing

Contractions: BH are the norm these days. I've had a few real contractions but nothing to get her to come ha

Belly Button: Still in

Mood: Getting nervous. Its weird not knowing when she may come, but if she doesn't come on her own then we know for sure sometime Tuesday or Wednesday she will be here!!

Looking Forward To: Getting to meet this little precious girl. Cant wait to see what she looks like!!

Best Moment of the Week: My mommy being here and the fun that we have had!! Now if Paisley would just come :)

**Pic was taken on my due date lol :) The older folks thought I was crazy for being out and not being home. They told me I was brave :)

39 Weeks

Due Date: January 11, 2013

How Far Along? 39 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: 28 Pounds

Maternity Clothes: Still all the same, but if I am home I resort to Aarons sweat pants and T-shirts. So much more comfy these days than having to get dressed

Stretch Marks: Still have the few under my belly button, but they are almost faded away! Thanks to Coconut Oil! Hoping it will completely remove them or once Paisley is here and I can get myself back on track they will disappear. They are very light so wish me luck!

Sleep: Sleeping good for the few hours we get when Harley isn't waking us up needing to go out, or the waking up part because my bladder is so full.

Missing Anything: Well lets just say that I am soo ready to have this baby so I can feel comfortable again. I am doing everything in my power to try to get her to come early, but nothing has worked so far :( I don't love this part of pregnancy and feeling so huge lol

Movement: She's still moving despite the fact that she literally has no room. She LOVES my ribs, but my ribs do not love her so much. She has dropped a lot so I feel her fingers and arms going all the time :)

Food Cravings: Spicy, spicy food and Pineapple

Anything Making You Sick? Smell of dirty laundry

Contractions: Still a few BH contractions here and there, but nothing even close to regular. Feels like we have so far to go

Belly Button: In, but it also depends on how she is sitting because if she is sitting funny then it pops out a little

Mood: Really ready for Paisley to come and all sorts of emotions. One minute I am so excited and really cant wait to meet this little girl, but then at times I get nervous, scared and a little sad that this is it for it just being Aaron and I for a really long time.

Looking Forward To: My mommy being here!! Only a few days away!! And we are so close to 40 weeks that any day is a guessing game, but feels like eternity too :)

Best Moment of the Week: Spending Aarons last week of vacation together! We have mostly hung inside at home, but it has been so very nice to have him home and just to relax!!

ONE Month!

Its been a LONG while since I have posted any updates on our life, but with a new baby there is not much time for anything else but her :) I will catch up soon, but here is here life at one month!

Baby: Paisley Grace

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Age: One month

Weight 8 lbs 8 oz

Height: 22.5

Sleep: Sleeps about 3 hours or so and wakes to eat and generally goes back to sleep. Sometimes she will be awake for 2-2.5 hours. At night she sleeps anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on how well she eats...belly has to be full :)

My bedtime: 10:30

Favorite Toy: Absolutely loves her bear mobile on the pack-n-play

Clothes Size: Newborn

Diaper Size: Newborn

Milestones Reached: Sleeping through the night

Firsts: Going to the beach, playing on the playmat, smiling and going to church!

Best Mood: Mornings! Shes a very happy girl...like mother, like daughter

Best Moments: Everything!! So in love with this bundle of joy!

Worst Moment: Sponge baths. She hates to be cold and lets us know. And also having thrush (yeast infection).

Paisley Grace, we love you so much and are so happy that you are here. You are the greatest gift that mommy and daddy could have ever been given. You're beautiful and absolutely the most perfect happy baby that anyone could have ever asked for. You are definitely loved and have had many visitors this past month. Time sure has flown by since you came into this world. We look forward to all the fun moments that are yet to come and who you will also become. Love you Paisley Grace!!