Friday, October 23, 2015

Cole Isaac TWO Months

Its been a month of lots of fun and visitors! Grandpa and Grandma came to visit us for nine days and during that time we never stopped! Cole got to see and meet new people, but also got to experience a lot of outings. Despite having company, I feel like we are starting to get ourselves into a routine, and for that I am extremely grateful!!

Baby: Cole Isaac

Birthday: August 14, 2015

Age: Two Months

Weight: 10 lbs 12 oz

Height: 23 inches

Sleep: Sleeping through the night! Bedtime is generally around 9:30 sometimes up to 10:30 after last feeding and then little man will sleep till anywhere between 6:30-8:00. After that feeding he will sleep for another 3-4 hours depending on how tired he is. Once he wakes, he will eat, then hang out for about 2 hours and then sleep for another few hours and repeat :) I can I just say I am so thankful for a baby who sleeps!!

Bedtime: 10/10:30

Favorite Toy: Loves anything that rattles or plays music

Clothes Size: Newborn, but we are slowly moving into some 0-3 months, especially sleeper jammies since little man is getting quite long

Diaper Size: Size 1

Milestones: Sleeping through the night!! Smiling and Cooing

Firsts: First overnight outing to Orlando where we did Women of Faith. Cole Isaac you were a champ! You slept well in another place, you were excellent during the conference and you slept all the way to Orlando and most of the way home! You also attended your first church service too!

Best Mood: You are really happy in the mornings and when you first wake up!

Best Moments: Watching you grow! Its seems like he is growing a lot faster than Paisley did and I am trying to keep up and soak it all in.

Worst Moments: Still trying to figure this evening stuff out. Evenings are tough but we are slowly getting better.

Love: You are loving being in the ring sling and carried around. You love to be held, talked to, and just looked at. All eyes have to be on you, and all attention has to be on you. Its a rough life sometimes kid :) You also love to chat it up while you eat. You might be a talking boy. Your newest thing you love is being able to stand--alot like your big sissy!

Hate: You hate to be laid down and you definitely hate to lay on your back. You also arent a big fan of being cold, or people kissing your feet.

Eat: You eat a lot! I feel like I cant keep up! We nurse every two hours or so during the day unless if someone is sleeping then its back to eating soon as he wakes up. Cole Isaac you have to eat everytime you wake up, which is sometimes hard, but you are a growing boy! I have never seen anyone eat as much as he does! He will sleep through the night but will have to eat constantly once 6pm roles around. Did I mention evenings are rough?

Cole Isaac are time is flying and you are growing at an insane pace. One that I dont think I can always keep up. I want to keep you little forever, but then there are days I cant wait to see who you will be like. I cant wait to see what you and your sissy will be like together and I cant wait for all the fun of raising a boy. A journey that I will learn along the way. You are fun. You know what you want, when you want it, and you dont settle for "no". You arent always patient but we are working on it. You like to be the center of attention, which, I am sure you will give sissy a run for her money. You've got a bit of stubborness about you, but at the same time you are sweet spirited. I am so thankful for you. I couldnt have asked God for a greater little boy to be a mommy to. I love you so much little man!