Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Sign Language & {Video}

I have been a nanny for most of my life really and one family in particular did daycare for their littlest one and at daycare they taught sign language. He picked right up on it and I realized how easy it was at such a young age how well he could communicate. Made life a little simpler. I always said that when I had a baby I really wanted to teach them sign language. They say you can start at six months so we started once she hit the six month mark. We have currently been working on Momma, Dadda and Milk....the easy ones :) I show her everyday what they are and repeat it often throughout the day. 

Yesterday, as Paisley was spitting out her peas {not a big fan of green foods} I decided to try the sign for milk. She picked right up yesterday and acted like she was a pro. She signed "milk" for the first time yesterday people!! This Momma is so proud of my smart girl. I just have to make sure since we are teaching her this stuff to follow through with what she is signing....well for the most part follow through on the milk stuff ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend here in the Foltz Family. Since we only have a few weekends with my father-in-law home, we have not missed one beat. We havent even stopped to tell you the truth. Here we are Monday and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. Im almost positive that Paisley and I will be staying in jammies today and doing nothing but having a movie day. Anywho, here is our weekend in pictures. 

We spent Friday Day at the beach on Honeymoon Island. Here in FL we have had more cloudy, rainy days this summer than actually sun, so we decided that since it was fairly nice we had to take advantage of it and get ourselves out and to the beach. It was hot, but so nice to finally get to be outside and enjoy some sunshine. Paisley, however, had other plans. She cried 90% of the time we were there. Wanted nothing to do with the water, sitting in my lap, laying on a beach towel in shade. Nothing would settle our poor little girl. Little stressful, but we got some good ole vitamin D and thats all that matters. Oh, and Paisley lost my favorite pair of glasses. First time that I have actually wanted to cry over losing a pair of sunglasses. 

Friday night, the hubs and I enjoyed our first real date night. I know, you dont have to tell me I am crazy because my baby is six months and we havent even had a real date night. It was a moment well deserved. We started the night off with a little sushi happy hour at a new place in town and it was the best sushi of my life! I had a bowl of Kickin' Krab Chowder that was to die for while the hubs enjoyed some Edamame, then we split four rolls: Tampa, Gator, Spicy Tuna and Japanese Bagel. Japanese Bagel was our fav, but truthfully, they were all so good it was hard to pick just one! And to end the night we had some Coldstone!! How could you not end a perfectly good day with a little sweet treat!?

Saturday we slept in, hung for a bit, and then took a drive to St. Pete to pick up a little special something for Paisley Grace and to do a little bit of antiquing. Fun, relaxing day!! 

 Paisley got a jumperoo!!

Sunday, we did church mostly all day, but then napped at home and watched baseball for the last half. Paisley also sat up for the first time all by herself and said MOMMA FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Best day so far :)

And she's sucking her thumb :)

Great weekend for us! What did you do this weekend?


I have waited for three moments in particular in my life. As a young girl, my favorite thing was to play house. Sounds really cheesy now that I typing this all out, but nonetheless, my littlest sister and I would always play house. Barbies werent the thing in our house. We had ever baby imaginable. We would pick who we wanted to be, who our husband was and we would name our babies. I always chose to be Annie from Father of the Bride. This is what we did every day. All day. You better believe that for young girls we had it all. We had every play high chair, stroller, clothing item, play crib, play carseat. You name it, we had it. We even had jars of baby food. This was the life. This is what I wanted to do when I grew up. Well it looked a little like this...

I wanted to be a country singer, but I didnt want to have a maid, or a cook, or a nanny, or anyone to help me. I wanted to be famous, but I wanted to take care of my own children, clean my own house, make my own meals and so forth. Now that I think about this, what was I thinking?? Supermom was only in my imagination.

I wanted to be married to the cutest, sweetest boy. I really wanted to be married and I wanted to have like 6 kids. Thats what I use to tell everyone. I think I would now be outta my mind to tell you the truth. I think 3 will be our limit, but that is a different story for a different day.

I wanted a fairytale. All I wanted when I "grew up" was to be married, to be a country singer, and have lots of babies. Well, 26 years later, I have my own fairy tale, minus a little different scenario. 

I am married to the greatest guy anyone could ask for, instead of singing country music, I lead worship, and I have my very own REAL beautiul baby daughter. Life is complete. I have just wanted to be a momma and a wife. 

I am wife. I am a mother. Great moments and the greatest of all was when I heard Paisley say "Momma" for the very first time last night. My heart is full. Its pure bliss. My fairytale life that I have always dreamed off, its now playing out in real life and not just playing in my imagination. 

Who would have thought that from just dreaming as a little girl that life could bless you so abundantly. I have waited for these moments. Some in slow coming, others so fast you cant even breathe. My husband, the greatest man in the world, my best friend, and my sweet precious daughter that I get to keep for real, watch grow up and hear her call me Momma. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

If you have not yet linked-up with NatashaAprilChristina, and Darci you really should! I look forward to this Friday fun every week! Its a great way to meet other bloggers and make some new friends :)
Shall we get down to business?

For those of you who dont know, we've been battling a dairy allergy with Paisley Grace. You can read about it here and here. It has been an extreme sacrifice to keep breastfeeding her, but I know I wouldnt ever give up the bond that we share so easily and switch to formula. I've had to cut out all dairy from my diet and for a cheese and chocolate lover, its been a tough road {a healthier road at the least} for the last five months. However, when we went to her appointment last week they suggested that we give dairy a good whirl and see if its still an issue. What did we do to celebrate? Cheese, Ice cream, Ranch Dressing, Chocolate the whole sha-bang!! You better believe we didnt leave a single thing out! We were beyond thrilled to see that Kissimmee, FL put in a Chuy's!! Since leaving Austin, TX two years ago its been very hard to find decent mexican or tex-mex food. We celebrated with Chuy's full on cheese enchiladas and their amazing Jalapeno Ranch sauce then we ventured over to my favorite ice cream place, Kilwin's for some Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel Ice Cream and then I got to enjoy some homemade Mississippi Mud. It was a grand day I tell ya!! Pure heaven riiight thuuur. 

Kilwin's Ice Cream

The best Tex-Mex ever!

Having a little fun at the splash pad after ice cream

Okay, I didnt buy this, but we got a good kick out of this one....Puppy Paint. You heard me right, Puppy Paint. Its just like the Piggy Paint, only this one is for your DOG!! While we were eating at Kilwin's we ventured into a little Doggy Boutique and they had nail polish for your doggy because apparently your furry friend needs their nails did too :) I thought about buying for our Harley pup but then I realized how crazy I might be and the time it might just take me to get her nails painted. Clever idea. Clever idea! {see the nail polish remover that goes along with it??}


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with yet another milestone moment, but because I cant capture it fast enough right now, this one will have to do since it was the same day. Our little doll started waving yesterday!! My heart literally melts every time she does it. By far the cutest thing ever besides this nose thing she is doing right now. Six months is a whole new playing field y'all but it is by far my favorite month so far! They just are so fun and if any baby is anything like our Paisley Grace then they have a personality to boot just like her!


I shared this in my Monday post here, but I still cant get over this. My father-in-law just got back from China and brought some goodies back with him and Paisley and I were given matching freshwater pearl bracelets. I finally get to share my favorite things with my daughter and this moment is one that I wont ever forget. Sweet Moment.


When Aaron and I moved last September we decided that budget wise, the one thing that wasnt really a necessity we could cut was cable. We signed up for Netflix and Hulu Plus and have done great. Besides, when all of the major television companies have apps and you can access their website and watch pretty much everything online what is the point of paying out the wazoo for more channels than you ever really watch?? We recently found Xfinity.com and have been able to watch everything!! Its been great and to be honest I am not missing paying the hefty price tag for cable. I have everything I need. I even get my HGTV shows with Xfinity. Win!

Cheers to a good weekend friends!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Home!!

We are in the process of buying a home and yesterday was our home inspection. Here is what I learned:

Our inspection wasnt great but it wasnt terrible. For being a 30 year old home, we expected to have a few things go wrong, but there were a few more than what we would have liked to have seen. Let's just say that a few things we wanted to do, now have to get done quicker, but hey I wont complain except for the $ signs.

The previous homeowner looked like they did all their own electrical which means, you guessed it, incorrectly. Alot of the electrical has to be redone and labeled since nothing is labeled on the panel box.
They also put in new windows, and an expensive sliding door to the back with expensive built in blinds, but, they were also put in incorrectly. This one we will let slide since it doesnt affect anything right now, but eventually we will have to figure out how to put them in correctly.

The guest bathroom has to get a complete renvo for the shower and the bath. It doesnt hurt to have to but in a new tub for my baby girl, but everything has to be replaced {tile, shower, bath} the goods basically, but luckily when we priced it out yesterday it will be about a $300 job if we can do it correctly and inexpensively.

The A/C has never been cleaned, or at least in a very long while, so we have to get that taken care of since the county failed the inspection. EEEK :/ Some boot thing is missing from the roof, so we just have to get that put on, but its not a big deal at all.

The water heater is leaking into the wall. We arent sure of how bad the damage is, but I'm hoping and praying its not a major thing. Also, my hubby is a little happy about this one because it means we get to paint the exterior of the house a lot quicker than we had planned on. The paint is the original paint from when the house was built, and it somehow is absorbing all the moisture from outside and getting into the walls. Doesnt seem to be bad, but it just means that the house has to get exterior paint asap. Yesterday we learned how important paint is on your home. It blocks the moisture from getting in, and well, when we touched the outside the paint literally wiped off. Not a good thing for rainy ole FL especially since the bay is at the end of our street.

Plumbing is having some issues as well. Could just be a simply run the snake down the drain kinda fix or it could be a big process. Not sure till we have someone come in and look.

Everything else seems to be good. The kitchen is the original kitchen, but will be getting a complete overhaul next summer. Flooring has got to go and that is on the list for to dos first!

All in all, it wasnt that bad, but it was ca-ching, ca-ching every time the inspector said something. We will try to negotiate some with the seller, so crossing our fingers, hoping, praying he will fix the plumbing, the walls, and the electric. Luckily, we know an A/C guy who is willing to come clean everything and make it like new for FREE!!! 

Hello new floors, new bathroom, new paint {inside and out}and no more popcorn ceilings!! Cant wait to move into our home, but getting into the home is quite expensive, well, unless you get a home that is already done the way you want it, but then where would the fun be in making and designing what you really want?

Any suggestions on exterior paint? Brands? etc?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Milestone Moment!

I will spare you all the yucky details, but five months ago, our little bundle of joy started having really, really bad bloody stools. It was frightening every time I had to change her. Her pediatrician suspected that it was a dairy protein allergy and told us to cut the dairy. So I did. Her diapers didnt change at all and it was a little disheartening. Since nothing was changing, they suggested I cut the soy and I did. We say several specialist who told me just forget it and go to formula, and I was so peeved by this, we switched to someone who could actually help us figure this out and not just throw formula in our face. We also switched Pediatricians since the one we had, had no understanding to what we were dealing with and couldn't answer any of the questions we had.

With the right pediatrician and specialist we have been able to get a handle on Paisleys allergy. Yes, it was dairy and we only found that out through the strictest elimination diet of my life. It has been several long months having to go through all this, but the benefit of getting to still breastfeed my baby and not loose that special bond between the two of us has gotten me to where we are today. Formula in no way and shape is a bad thing, but since its mostly corn syrup I didnt want to give that to my baby. I wanted her to have the very best stuff that life could offer and if that meant sacrificing the cheese and the chocolate so she could have what she needs then I did what any mother would have done and cut it out.

Truthfully, I haven't really missed dairy, well at times I miss cheese, but we have found amazing substitutes and vegan desserts that definitely have made up for it!! 

With all that being said, last night I was able to finally have a few M&M's!! Pure heaven!! Tonight, I get to try cheese. It will be the real test to see if I can really live without cheese or if it really is as good as I remember :) Post to come! 

You can do anything you set your mind to. Sounds cliche but its truth. Motherhood is the greatest gift anyone could have given me, and me making the sacrifice temporarily for my precious baby has been well worth every ounce of not having what I want. 

Mommy & Me Monday

Ahem, I am a day late on this post. Please forgive me. Blogging is really taking the backseat with all this house stuff and my Father-in-law being home. 

This post is actually for Papa this week :)

My Father-in-law has been in China working on the Boeing 787 for the past 45 days and is home for the next two weeks and then goes back for another 45 days. He has gotten to travel to some amazing places and will be going to Columbia when he returns from China. He gets to see the world and I am pretty much jealous at this, but anyway, every time he goes somewhere he brings back some goodies :)

Here is what we received from this first trip to China....

Paisley and I got matching freshwater pearl bracelets. My heart literally has melted. I am the biggest pearl fan there is. I love that Paisley will get to share in some of the things that I enjoy and love. Pretty sure daddy may have his hands full with us two girls. Paisley already loves the bling ;)

Seriously, having a daughter is the best thing in the whole world! I cant wait for the day she takes my heel-hops {what they use to be called ;)} out, puts my clothes on and she finds herself in my make-up drawer with lipstick everywhere. I can.not.wait.for.the.day ya'll!! If she is anything like her momma, dress-up and house will be her greatest endeavors. 

Thanks Papa for our many goodies!!

Here's to a great week y'all!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Howdy Friends!
Today is a busy day for us! My father-in-law comes home this evening from being gone in China for the last 45 days. He is going to freak when he sees how big Paisley has gotten!! Eeeek!!!
Here is our randomness from this past week :)


I have this new found love. It's called Antiques/Antiquing. I have always really loved Antiques, but with us in the process of buying our new home, I think I have gone a little crazy on a few things. Whoops sorry babe! We set out last weekend in search of old, blue mason jars to match the ones my grandmother has in her summer cabin and we found a set of 4 for $6 a piece at the flea market. Great find! We also found a bigger sized one at a salvage yard for $15. Both are from the 1920's. Is that cool or what!?


Thank you Pinterest for being the worst/best thing ever for those getting married, buying a home, learning new recipes or even how to cook, remodeling a home, or at least dreaming up a home in your head that you will never have, and basically all the best ideas for DIY and the most useful info for all the things you feel so stupid that you never thought of :) The home we are buying needs some work which is why we chose it, but thank you Pinterest I now can never sleep because I am way too excited and I have way too many ideas running through my mind! I saw this picture below and thought with my new found love, this would be the new statement piece above our bed. We found this old window at the salvage yard for $20. It.does.not.get.any.better.than.this!!! 


Along with all this antiquing I found this little vanity mirror tray beauty to fit right into Paisley's new ravamp of her room. I am pretty darn excited too! $8 for this piece. The powder tin I found at Homegoods for $5 and the perfume jar from Hobby Lobby for $8. Revamping/buying a new home was never a good idea for this girl ;)


Want a sneak peek of Paisley Grace's six month photos!? My sister-in-law took her pics and we had to wait out the rain, but it was so totally worth it. She has some amazing shots. More to come soon.

Isnt this shot killer?


My new favorite go to product when I dont exactly feel like getting all gussied up and perfect is this Sea Salt Spray. We live near the ocean but I get the feel of being in the water without having to drive to the beach everyday. At $4 this is a steal for this first time Momma

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to Y'all! 
We will be hanging with our Papa this weekend and will be back on Monday!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paisley's First Present

For Paisley's Half Birthday we decided to get a little special something to celebrate. Blocks!
Best choice I made so far! She loves these suckers! Its so cute to watch her play with these, or eat them, but still something about spoiling your child is so satisfying and exciting! 

Cant imagine what Christmas and her first birthday will be like! Eeek I am already so excited thinking about it all :)

She was not sure about the wrapping paper

She could not wait to see what was inside

Hurry, give me that!

Flea Market Finds

We took a little trip to the Flea Market and happened to pop into one of the most "stuffed" little spaces of books. If you are a book fan, then Sam's Books is definitely the place for you! Im pretty sure she has every copy of every book ever made. THAT is how much stuff she really has! Its quite insane if you ask me!

I was able to stumble across a few books that I loved as a child, and a Fancy Nancy book. Each book was $2 except for the little Bisquit book which was a $1. I am quite impressed with our Flea Market finds. You can guess that when Paisley is old enough, we will venture out to Sam's Books a little more often :) Paisley might just have the biggest collection of books one day. I will let her decide...

Books are:

1. Fancy Nancy: Fanciest Doll in the Universe
2. Corduroy Goes to the Beach
3. Guess How Much I Love You: Pop up Edition
4. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
5. Amelia Bedelia and the Baby
6. Bisquit Visits the Petting Zoo

What are some of your favorite child books?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Mommy & Me Monday

So, I missed last week trying to catch up from all our vacation time and holiday fun!
My baby girl turns Six Months today and its such a bittersweet feeling. I wish she was still little, but yet its so fun that she is getting bigger! Thus is life :)
I hope y'all had a great weekend! I know we did! We are getting a house so we spent all weekend shopping for it and getting all our ducks in a row to buy it :) One happy girl here! More to come on that. 

Here is this weeks picture of choice. Matching outfits. My lil mini me :)

Paisley Grace is so fun y'all. Well, having a daughter is soo fun :)

Have a great week!!

SIX Months!!

Six Months

January 15, 2013

So tired
{Guessing} 13 pounds 2 Ounces

{Guessing still} 25 1/4

You think that is your paci :)

Still sleeping about 8 hours, however, this has been a rough month with growth spurts and teething so sleeping lately consists of waking up every hour or two. Naps have been all over the place since its summer and we have been on vacation, but if I'm lucky, you still gets 2-3 naps a day that are about 2 hours long.

Working on sitting up

9:30 {sometimes later depending on what is happening :)}

Favorite Toy: 
Oh, goodness... Practically anything that you can get those little hands on. I think you really like car keys and Mommy's mason jar tumbler, mostly for the straw, and definitely cell phones. You know how to work the iphone better than Momma it seems like.

Clothes Size:
0-3 Months & 3 Months

Diaper Size: 
Size 1 {your a skinny little thang}

Milestones Reached:
*SOLID FOODS!! You LOVE to eat :)
*Growling...its so funny to listen to you
*Recognize food
*Screaming!! {perhaps my favorite thing right now. Oddly enough, its music to my ears}
*You have found your thumb!! Dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing yet....

*BIG, LONG vacation to CO to meet all your Aunts, Uncles and Great-Grandparents. They sure fell in love with you ;)
*Loving books right now. Thank goodness Mommy just got you a ton more too
*Grunting. This is how you wake up. You wake up talking, grunting, squealing and screaming. Best way to wake up in the morning :)
*Singing with daddy. My favorite moment so far!!

*You have to fall asleep on your right side. Just like Mommy.
*Its becoming quite hard to change you because you just want to roll
*You are an early bird
*You love petting your doggy. You love animals

*Being outside is your favorite. We wont even mention swimming or the beach
*Happiest baby on the block
*For being as young as you are, you can work a straw quite well. I better be prepared because I think sippy cups will be in our near future :)
*You did this thing where you suck on your lip and roll it. I love watching you do this. Cutest thing ever!

*HUGE blowout right before we got on the plane to come home. It was so bad, Mommy wanted to cry right there in the ladies restroom. I threw your outfit away to say the least.
*FIRST month you havent pooped in your bathtub!!! Praise the Lord!!

Mmmmm Cherries

*You know exactly what you want and will do anything to get it. You're lucky you are so darn cute!
*You HATE your carseat right now. You cry every time you have to get buckled in.
*First worst rash that we have had to experience. You had blisters. I think its due to the teething :(
*You LOVE fireworks

*You did so GREAT on the plane rides. Best.Baby.Ever!
*You have to make noises right before you nurse. Its hysterical
*You're getting better at sitting, but if you had your way, you would be up and walking because you dont really want anything to do with sitting or playing on your tummy
*Finally able to get away from the nipple shield!!
*You have quite the 'tude' you let us know when you are mad and if you dont like something! Stinker!

Best Mood: 
Mornings. Early bird gets the worm :)

Best Moments: 
Talking, Singing, Screaming, Squealing. Everything. You are the sweetest and cutest girl that its so hard to pick just one! I love our cuddle time in the morning though!

Worst Moment: 
Growth Spurts and Teething. I hate these two things. Not a happy baby and one tired Mommy

**Paisley Grace**
Happy half birthday my sweet, sweet love!! I cant believe you are already six months old! Its a bittersweet moment for this Mommy. I love getting to be your Mommy, and I love watching you grow up. You are such a joy to spend everyday with. I wouldn't have it any other way. You are becoming quite the character and I can only imagine what that little personality will be like one day as you get older. Feels like I was just bringing you home yesterday. Remember this, someday when you have children, time will go by within the blink of an eye. I cherish getting to take in every moment and experience every "first" with you. Its been a privileged to have the greatest, happiest daughter known to man. You turning six months feels like a huge milestone and a whole new beginning that I dont think we are really ready for, but I am excited for whats to come and will take it all in and learn as we go. Thanks for being so trusting. I love you with all my heart. You are my pride and joy. I am one lucky Mom!!