Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Happy Friday!!
I missed last weeks Link-up and now Im ready to rock and roll for this week.
I apologize in advance that this week mostly consists of food, food, and more food :)

ONE: Trader Joe's

We took a little adventure to Trader Joe's in Sarasota on our way home from Grandads after the fourth and we came across some of the most amazing stuff known to man. While it might seem Im a little coconut crazed, dont be fooled, they are!! Their brand of Coconut milk is the best I've ever had. I like it so much that I am willing to give up almond milk for it. The roasted coconut chips are to die for. I never thought to roast coconut so when I saw a bag of these bad boys for super cheap I had to try them. The lady at the check-out told me one bag just wouldnt cut it because they are THAT good, and she was right. Im glad I went back and got more :) You might just have to try these ;)

TWO: Baby Bullet

Now that we are home and settled back in, I made my first batch of baby food for Paisley. The time has finally arrived where she needs more than just breastmilk so we started with some Banana, Sweet Taters and Watermelon. My child loves to eat. With her allergies I want to make her food so I know exactly what she is getting. For the first go around I made Sweet Pots. Simple, quick and so very easy. I thought I was doing a great job feeding her the Earth Best brand of Sweet Taters and compared to the fresh ones I made, they taste like yuck. I dont know how babies eat Gerber because I though Earth Best was way better than Gerber, but with homemade stuff, you just cant compare. Thank you Baby Bullet for making my life simpler. 

THREE: Candy

Hello, my name is Rychelle and I have a HUGE addiction to candy. I LOVE candy and when I saw Sour Patch had a new one out I had to give in and try. I dont know why they havent come out with this sooner, because as much as I loved the watermelon ones, these take the cake. BERRIES!! Job well done Sour Patch!

FOUR: Starbucks Tea

Ok, so, since I havent really been drinking coffee lately because all we have is Starbucks and they dont really cater to allergies, I just stopped going all together. We have become avid tea drinkers the past few months and I was in the mood for something cold and something sweet. Our stop: Starbucks (only because we have a million gift cards) and Holy Moly Starbucks, you have out done yourselves with the Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade. So much goodness in one cup!! The minty, peachy taste is heaven on earth. Y'all might just need to go get yourselves a cup :)

FIVE: Under Construction

I am way to excited to share this last bit of randomness for this week. While we were in CO and I was messing on Pinterest, my mind went a little too crazy and I had this brilliant idea that we should revamp Paisley's room and our room. What did I do the moment we got home?? Went to Hobby Lobby of course! What I found there for $10 has me way too giddy and way toooo excited that I just cant contain it. Lets just say that we are trying to buy a home and Pinterest is a great idea but such a bad idea all at the same time. I get so overwhelmed I cant sleep haha. This cheap, awesome beauty makes my week, maybe my year, but nonetheless, Paisley gets these in her sweet room. Vintage frames to go along with the printables Aaron is creating for her room. 

Alrighty my friends, have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. I have a Baby Bullet and even though my daughter isn't old enough for solids yet, I am SO excited about it! Found you through the link up.

    1. You will love the baby bullet! I have the steamer that goes with it as well and it literally took me maybe 15 minutes or so to do a big batch of sweet potatoes :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Lets just say I basically need everything on your list! We aren't even close to a trader joes, but I love that place and need to get there ASAP for some necessities haha...sour patch kids are a must. (they came out with a new berry kind that's DELISH!) hhaha found your blog through the link up!! super dang cute! just catching up on the rest of your posts! :)

    1. Sour Patch Kids are definitely a must in our house :) Congrats on your baby :) It will be here before you know it :) Following you!

  3. Per your recommendation I headed to Starbucks for a treat and ordered a peach green tea lemonade and oh. my. gosh. it was amazing! Not overly sweet, but perfectly refreshing. I agree with you on the roasted coconut chips. Super yummy! Love you! -Heather


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