Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Home!!

We are in the process of buying a home and yesterday was our home inspection. Here is what I learned:

Our inspection wasnt great but it wasnt terrible. For being a 30 year old home, we expected to have a few things go wrong, but there were a few more than what we would have liked to have seen. Let's just say that a few things we wanted to do, now have to get done quicker, but hey I wont complain except for the $ signs.

The previous homeowner looked like they did all their own electrical which means, you guessed it, incorrectly. Alot of the electrical has to be redone and labeled since nothing is labeled on the panel box.
They also put in new windows, and an expensive sliding door to the back with expensive built in blinds, but, they were also put in incorrectly. This one we will let slide since it doesnt affect anything right now, but eventually we will have to figure out how to put them in correctly.

The guest bathroom has to get a complete renvo for the shower and the bath. It doesnt hurt to have to but in a new tub for my baby girl, but everything has to be replaced {tile, shower, bath} the goods basically, but luckily when we priced it out yesterday it will be about a $300 job if we can do it correctly and inexpensively.

The A/C has never been cleaned, or at least in a very long while, so we have to get that taken care of since the county failed the inspection. EEEK :/ Some boot thing is missing from the roof, so we just have to get that put on, but its not a big deal at all.

The water heater is leaking into the wall. We arent sure of how bad the damage is, but I'm hoping and praying its not a major thing. Also, my hubby is a little happy about this one because it means we get to paint the exterior of the house a lot quicker than we had planned on. The paint is the original paint from when the house was built, and it somehow is absorbing all the moisture from outside and getting into the walls. Doesnt seem to be bad, but it just means that the house has to get exterior paint asap. Yesterday we learned how important paint is on your home. It blocks the moisture from getting in, and well, when we touched the outside the paint literally wiped off. Not a good thing for rainy ole FL especially since the bay is at the end of our street.

Plumbing is having some issues as well. Could just be a simply run the snake down the drain kinda fix or it could be a big process. Not sure till we have someone come in and look.

Everything else seems to be good. The kitchen is the original kitchen, but will be getting a complete overhaul next summer. Flooring has got to go and that is on the list for to dos first!

All in all, it wasnt that bad, but it was ca-ching, ca-ching every time the inspector said something. We will try to negotiate some with the seller, so crossing our fingers, hoping, praying he will fix the plumbing, the walls, and the electric. Luckily, we know an A/C guy who is willing to come clean everything and make it like new for FREE!!! 

Hello new floors, new bathroom, new paint {inside and out}and no more popcorn ceilings!! Cant wait to move into our home, but getting into the home is quite expensive, well, unless you get a home that is already done the way you want it, but then where would the fun be in making and designing what you really want?

Any suggestions on exterior paint? Brands? etc?

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