Monday, July 29, 2013


I have waited for three moments in particular in my life. As a young girl, my favorite thing was to play house. Sounds really cheesy now that I typing this all out, but nonetheless, my littlest sister and I would always play house. Barbies werent the thing in our house. We had ever baby imaginable. We would pick who we wanted to be, who our husband was and we would name our babies. I always chose to be Annie from Father of the Bride. This is what we did every day. All day. You better believe that for young girls we had it all. We had every play high chair, stroller, clothing item, play crib, play carseat. You name it, we had it. We even had jars of baby food. This was the life. This is what I wanted to do when I grew up. Well it looked a little like this...

I wanted to be a country singer, but I didnt want to have a maid, or a cook, or a nanny, or anyone to help me. I wanted to be famous, but I wanted to take care of my own children, clean my own house, make my own meals and so forth. Now that I think about this, what was I thinking?? Supermom was only in my imagination.

I wanted to be married to the cutest, sweetest boy. I really wanted to be married and I wanted to have like 6 kids. Thats what I use to tell everyone. I think I would now be outta my mind to tell you the truth. I think 3 will be our limit, but that is a different story for a different day.

I wanted a fairytale. All I wanted when I "grew up" was to be married, to be a country singer, and have lots of babies. Well, 26 years later, I have my own fairy tale, minus a little different scenario. 

I am married to the greatest guy anyone could ask for, instead of singing country music, I lead worship, and I have my very own REAL beautiul baby daughter. Life is complete. I have just wanted to be a momma and a wife. 

I am wife. I am a mother. Great moments and the greatest of all was when I heard Paisley say "Momma" for the very first time last night. My heart is full. Its pure bliss. My fairytale life that I have always dreamed off, its now playing out in real life and not just playing in my imagination. 

Who would have thought that from just dreaming as a little girl that life could bless you so abundantly. I have waited for these moments. Some in slow coming, others so fast you cant even breathe. My husband, the greatest man in the world, my best friend, and my sweet precious daughter that I get to keep for real, watch grow up and hear her call me Momma. 


  1. That was such a sweet post! I still remember in such detail the first time Autumn said Momma. It is such a special moment!

  2. This will be a moment I never forget. Isnt it the best feeling?


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