Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reality Sinking In

I really should be in bed at this very late, not so late hour. When you have a baby who has suddenly decided that 2 am is now the new play time, I am totally not sure what I am still doing awake. Oh wait. Reality is finally hitting me that my precious little peanut will be six months old next week. If I weren't so tired, I might just be an emotional mess, or maybe that will come next week when its actually the real deal, but seriously, where did our time go?? I was warned a head of time, that your baby is just a baby for a second and I literally thought it was a joke. You know, generally time goes by really slow sometimes, but nope, not here anyway. I felt like we just brought our little bundle of joy home yesterday and here we are today eating solid food, holding our own bottle, thinking she's miss independent and has her mind completely made up of what she wants. 

Bittersweet moments here as I type this and reflect on the months leading up to this point. I want her to be little and still have that little girl who just wants to cuddle and be held every single second, but then I want her to grow up and I want to know her little personality and play and do girly things. Such a conflicting moment for me. I didnt really think time would go by THAT fast and it has. It really makes me not take anything for granted and make every moment count. I mean, thats what we're suppose to do, right? Six months. I think I will treasure these last few days, because the feeling of six months, feels like a year old. Almost seems as if everything is completely about to change and we are hitting a new level and this sleepless momma is totally unprepared and not ready for what is about to take place. I will get there. We will get there.

 Slow down Paisley Grace, I just brought you home my love. I know we have so much a head of us but I still would like to embrace your littleness for just a few moments longer.

Time, oh time, oh time, why do thee move so quickly? 

See, she is getting to be such a BIG girl!!

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