Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Sign Language & {Video}

I have been a nanny for most of my life really and one family in particular did daycare for their littlest one and at daycare they taught sign language. He picked right up on it and I realized how easy it was at such a young age how well he could communicate. Made life a little simpler. I always said that when I had a baby I really wanted to teach them sign language. They say you can start at six months so we started once she hit the six month mark. We have currently been working on Momma, Dadda and Milk....the easy ones :) I show her everyday what they are and repeat it often throughout the day. 

Yesterday, as Paisley was spitting out her peas {not a big fan of green foods} I decided to try the sign for milk. She picked right up yesterday and acted like she was a pro. She signed "milk" for the first time yesterday people!! This Momma is so proud of my smart girl. I just have to make sure since we are teaching her this stuff to follow through with what she is signing....well for the most part follow through on the milk stuff ;)

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