Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Milestone Moment!

I will spare you all the yucky details, but five months ago, our little bundle of joy started having really, really bad bloody stools. It was frightening every time I had to change her. Her pediatrician suspected that it was a dairy protein allergy and told us to cut the dairy. So I did. Her diapers didnt change at all and it was a little disheartening. Since nothing was changing, they suggested I cut the soy and I did. We say several specialist who told me just forget it and go to formula, and I was so peeved by this, we switched to someone who could actually help us figure this out and not just throw formula in our face. We also switched Pediatricians since the one we had, had no understanding to what we were dealing with and couldn't answer any of the questions we had.

With the right pediatrician and specialist we have been able to get a handle on Paisleys allergy. Yes, it was dairy and we only found that out through the strictest elimination diet of my life. It has been several long months having to go through all this, but the benefit of getting to still breastfeed my baby and not loose that special bond between the two of us has gotten me to where we are today. Formula in no way and shape is a bad thing, but since its mostly corn syrup I didnt want to give that to my baby. I wanted her to have the very best stuff that life could offer and if that meant sacrificing the cheese and the chocolate so she could have what she needs then I did what any mother would have done and cut it out.

Truthfully, I haven't really missed dairy, well at times I miss cheese, but we have found amazing substitutes and vegan desserts that definitely have made up for it!! 

With all that being said, last night I was able to finally have a few M&M's!! Pure heaven!! Tonight, I get to try cheese. It will be the real test to see if I can really live without cheese or if it really is as good as I remember :) Post to come! 

You can do anything you set your mind to. Sounds cliche but its truth. Motherhood is the greatest gift anyone could have given me, and me making the sacrifice temporarily for my precious baby has been well worth every ounce of not having what I want. 

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