Thursday, January 30, 2014

Buttercream Frosting

Let me just say that I am the biggest dessert person you will ever meet! I am not a fan of fruity desserts, but anything chocolate and anything real sugary just pass it right over.
For Paisley's party I did regular cake mix to make it simple and then searched high and low for the best frosting recipe and this recipe by far is my favorite! If I could make an entire batch every week and just eat it I would.
Once you try this buttercream frosting I promise you wont go back to any other kind.
This is a Martha Stewart recipe, but you can substitute any kind of flavoring for the vanilla. We did a batch of vanilla and a batch of almond and it was pure heaven. For different colors add your choice of food coloring.
1. 4 sticks of unsalted butter, softened
2. 6 cups confectioners sugar
3. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (I added just a touch more)
4. Pinch of salt
1. On medium-high speed beat butter until pale and creamy. Reduce speed to medium and add sugar 1/2 cup at a time, mixing well. Add vanilla and salt. Raise speed to medium-high and beat until smooth.
**Will be thick at first but as it sits and warms it gets a little thinner and easier to spread or to pipe onto cupcakes or cake.

Five on Friday

What a week it has been! Paisley woke up Wednesday morning with 102 temp after having a cold for a week so I decided to take her to the Doctor and after a two hour wait {yes isn't that ridiculous for a baby!?} she was diagnosed with a double ear infection and a respiratory infection. The girl knows how to get sick! Its been a long week inside with a crying baby, but I sure have enjoyed all the cuddling. So for a little fun for this momma lets do some Five on Friday shall we??

Paisley and I joined a Mommy & Me group at our church last week and Im so thrilled for the fun we are going to have. The ladies are all super great and encouraging and I couldn't have picked a better group to join! Cant wait for next week!!
Before Paisley got crazy sick we had a little Valentine craft fun :) She didn't think the paint all over her hands and feet were so great, but I love how it came out. This may just stay up in our house all year long
I found these bad boys at the store the other day when I was venturing the ice cream, which should never happen again, but these are totally yum! My favorite is the Sea Salt Caramel one, but they are quite delish! Go get some people and don't share!!
Alright peeps, who uses these oils? I want the good, the bad and the ugly on these. I need something to boost poor little Paisleys Immune System not to mention finding another healthier approach to get ourselves on the mend. Do you recommend and which ones? Spill all the details :)
I saw this on my Instagram feed the other night and just died. Ladies you know what Im talking about....
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Mommy & Me

And our little girl is sick once again. Darn cold season! I feel like we get better and then a week later we are sick again. I dont know if the hubs is bringing stuff home from school or if its because our weather is super cold one minute and then really warm the next. I will be glad when Spring comes and our FL weather isn't all over the place! Any cold recommendations for little ones or how to boost her immune system? Any Do|terra users that would recommend using essential oils?
Our weekend was a lazy one since the mini is sick and needless to say, no pictures came out of this weekend. Can you say #momfail?
I'm posting a few pics from a few weeks ago when my Mom was here. We caught the sunset on the way to dinner the second to last night she was here and it was completely stunning. Of course I spent most of the time behind the camera but the hubs did catch a few great pictures that have easily become some of my favorites. So thankful for some of these amazing moments!

I hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Five on Friday

So glad its Friday, Friday, Friday!! This is the first time in I dont know how long that Paisley Grace and I have nothing on our agendas! We may just stay inside and rock jammies most of the day since its a wintery day outside! I hope you all have had a great week!
Seriously how cute are these pink furry boots that Paisley got for her birthday?? Im in love. Paisley is in love!
I found this skirt for Paisley's party a few weeks ago at Abercrombie and Fitch and paid a mere $15 for it! Melt!
My life before Paisley consisted of coffee. Life while pregnant with Paisley didn't consist so much of coffee, and life after Paisley has really consisted of coffee. Thank you late nights, hungry, teething baby and sleep exhaustion I now run off a cup or two of coffee. Thanks to this handy machine we got with a giftcard my life has forever been changed! I know its no Keurig but it does the same thing as the Keuring and costs half the price! Its a BIG win in the Foltz household!
My mom introduced me to this amazing foundation and its been a serious game changer! Since having Paisley my face has been a complete war zone. Nothing has helped and most foundations have had my face looking even more lowsy and embarrassing until this miracle stuff showed up! Its a new product from Avon and is a light, light mousse and I cannot get enough of this stuff. Its so light you feel like you aren't wearing a darn thing. Go try this now! P.S. Its around $10 :)
I should have posted this a few weeks ago, but I am seriously in deep love with my dresser. We bought it off of craigslist for $30 and completely redid it. I had pics of the before but somehow when we backed my phone up they are literally nowhere so just seeing the after will have to suffice. Knobs make me swoon. We found them on Amazon for a great, great deal!

Have a fantastic weekend friends!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tissue Poms DIY

When my mom was here for Paisley's birthday she offered to show me how to make these super easy tissue poms, and let me tell you, they are super easy, super fun to make, and super cheap compared to the $15 Martha Stewart ones that I almost bought from Joann's. We spent a grand total of $10, if that, and made 18 of various sizes and colors. Are you ready for a fun tutorial?

Here's What You Need:

*Colored Tissue Paper of your choice (2-3 packs of each color depending on how many you are wanting)
*Sharp, good pair of scissors
*Pipe Cleaners or Floral Wire


1. Take the sheet of colored tissue papers from a pack and fold them in half like a hamburger (long ways)

2. Cut along the folded edge. Make sure that you cut all the paper. When you have bunch of sheets stacked together its hard to sometimes get all the sheets cut. If its easier to unfold and cut along your new crease then that's fine too.

3. When all your sheets are cut, neatly stack them all together making sure that they all line up

4. Fold accordion style. Start folding away from you and then turning over and doing the same thing. It doesn't matter how big or how small you make your folds. Fold all the way to the end. Its better to use 8 sheets per pom but the more sheets you have the fuller it looks and the less sheets you have the more empty and bare it looks, but it is a personal preference. 

5. Cut pipe cleaners in half

6. Fold your folded sheets in half and place a pipe cleaner in the middle of the folded sheets like so and tighten the ends of the pipe cleaners together really tight

7. Cut the ends of all the folded sheets. You can do all at once or half and half. You can either do it rounded or pointed. 

8. Unfold and take one of the half sides and start pulling apart one side and then the other side until the first side is all unfolded. Repeat on the other side. 

9. Fluff out till you get desired results you want

**For multi colored poms when stacking sheets alternate the colors. We did Gold then pink, Gold then pink. we did about 4-5 sheets of each color

Voila you are done! See how easy that was??

Grace for 2014

I have seriously put off writing this post for weeks because I have been arguing with myself and with God about my word for this year. There is so many words that come to mind with some of the things that I am personally about to step into and opportunities that the hubs and I are about to step into that I could just name quite a few and be content with those. But, God has other plans for me this year and my word is...

Understanding God's grace in my life hasnt been as difficult to walk out or understand as other things like trusting and being patient, but walking out God's grace and showing grace to others somehow is extremely difficult to me. Sometimes I feel like I have to guard who I am and protect myself from everyone and everything. I hate when people do me wrong and I hate when things aren't fair and just and a lot of the times if I were honest, anger gets the best of me. I dont always bite my tongue and my actions arent always the best response. This year I want to really walk out Gods's grace and show grace to others. I want to be slow to speak, slow to get angry, and I want what comes out of my mouth to be a reflection of who God is. I want when someone cuts me off and I am in a hurry with a baby in the backseat to not be so mad and upset about it, but to be able to just wave and smile. Or when someone does me wrong or says something that shouldnt be said I want to be able to not let it sting and want to retaliate.

Im being real and transparent with yall because I want someone to hold me accountable. 2014 is new a start for a lot of things and I want God's complete favor in my life and take me to different heights and depths, but I know there is somethings that are holding me back from getting there and this is one step in moving forward. Im excited for what this year might hold and what it can become! I am embracing this new year with open arms.

Hebrews 12:15 
See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no “root of bitterness” springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled

Here's to a new year!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Five on Friday + A Few Extras

This week Paisley Grace turned the big ONE!!! My emotions have been all over the place leading up to this day, but surprisingly when her actual day came I was so excited that there was no time to be a hot mess. We had a great birthday party for our little girl and a super fun trip to the zoo to celebrate such a big milestone! In my books, it was one of the greatest birthdays and I hope she feels the same way :)

This week I wanted to go back and share my top five moments with Paisley Grace. It was beyond hard just trying to pick just five moments, but I think the ones that I we chose are worthy moments! They are in no particular order:


Hearing Paisley Grace say "Momma" was my all time favorite moment this year besides getting married to my honey. Its a day that I will never forget. She happened to just be sitting all by herself and randomly out of nowhere came this little voice saying "Mama, Mama." Sweetest moment there ever was!! Do you remember the moment your child first called you Momma?


I remember when Paisley finally got released from the NICU and could be in our room, just laying there and staring at her. It all felt so surreal. Staring at how beautiful made my so giddy inside. I felt like I didnt deserve such a special gift. She was all mine. I could hold her whenever I wanted  and for as long as I wanted without having to worry about giving her back. She is the long awaited promise and the beginning of new life for me. If she only knew how much I love her and the happiness she brings to our home.


Even though we spent her first birthday at the zoo, there was something so magical about taking her to the zoo for all the Christmas lights and festivities. Eyes so big, and a smile from ear to ear to make you melt, left us so excited for another Christmas with her! What a great birthday it was for me and one of the most magical experiences the hubs and I have endured!


To follow above, Christmas. Best Christmas ever. Children really do make things so much brighter and more fun! It was a busy day with lots and lots of presents and a gazillion toys that now clutter our home, but it was so fun to watch her light up every time someone ripped more wrapping paper and uncovered what secretly hid behind all the pretty paper and colorful bows. 


I may not be the biggest fan of Halloween, but getting Paisley dressed up and walking her around the neighborhood showing her off sure was a blast! Last time I have ever celebrated Halloween was Middle School and this was a special treat for both the Hubs and I. This might even be in the top spots on the husbands end :)


I told you picking five was super hard. My favorite moments as family have been the simple ones. Ones where late at night when Paisley should be asleep we are all laying on the rug still playing and her just giggling in amazement of every little toy and detail around her. My next favorite moment would be the one where on NYE she was so focused on the water, but for one split second when Papa called her name, she and I both happened to look back. A great reminder to once in a while look how far you have come and dwell on all the amazing blessings that are in life. She sure has taught me so much. There is so much that I am grateful for. She makes me be the best version of the person I have always wanted to be. She brings new life and makes me feel alive. I'm not sure what I ever did without her. Happy Birthday Paisley!

Have a great weekend!!