Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Five on Friday + A Few Extras

This week Paisley Grace turned the big ONE!!! My emotions have been all over the place leading up to this day, but surprisingly when her actual day came I was so excited that there was no time to be a hot mess. We had a great birthday party for our little girl and a super fun trip to the zoo to celebrate such a big milestone! In my books, it was one of the greatest birthdays and I hope she feels the same way :)

This week I wanted to go back and share my top five moments with Paisley Grace. It was beyond hard just trying to pick just five moments, but I think the ones that I we chose are worthy moments! They are in no particular order:


Hearing Paisley Grace say "Momma" was my all time favorite moment this year besides getting married to my honey. Its a day that I will never forget. She happened to just be sitting all by herself and randomly out of nowhere came this little voice saying "Mama, Mama." Sweetest moment there ever was!! Do you remember the moment your child first called you Momma?


I remember when Paisley finally got released from the NICU and could be in our room, just laying there and staring at her. It all felt so surreal. Staring at how beautiful made my so giddy inside. I felt like I didnt deserve such a special gift. She was all mine. I could hold her whenever I wanted  and for as long as I wanted without having to worry about giving her back. She is the long awaited promise and the beginning of new life for me. If she only knew how much I love her and the happiness she brings to our home.


Even though we spent her first birthday at the zoo, there was something so magical about taking her to the zoo for all the Christmas lights and festivities. Eyes so big, and a smile from ear to ear to make you melt, left us so excited for another Christmas with her! What a great birthday it was for me and one of the most magical experiences the hubs and I have endured!


To follow above, Christmas. Best Christmas ever. Children really do make things so much brighter and more fun! It was a busy day with lots and lots of presents and a gazillion toys that now clutter our home, but it was so fun to watch her light up every time someone ripped more wrapping paper and uncovered what secretly hid behind all the pretty paper and colorful bows. 


I may not be the biggest fan of Halloween, but getting Paisley dressed up and walking her around the neighborhood showing her off sure was a blast! Last time I have ever celebrated Halloween was Middle School and this was a special treat for both the Hubs and I. This might even be in the top spots on the husbands end :)


I told you picking five was super hard. My favorite moments as family have been the simple ones. Ones where late at night when Paisley should be asleep we are all laying on the rug still playing and her just giggling in amazement of every little toy and detail around her. My next favorite moment would be the one where on NYE she was so focused on the water, but for one split second when Papa called her name, she and I both happened to look back. A great reminder to once in a while look how far you have come and dwell on all the amazing blessings that are in life. She sure has taught me so much. There is so much that I am grateful for. She makes me be the best version of the person I have always wanted to be. She brings new life and makes me feel alive. I'm not sure what I ever did without her. Happy Birthday Paisley!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. What an adorable little girl. I wish, we lived closer to the zoo. I'm pretty sure my family would basically live there if we did.

  2. Precious, precious, precious fam pics!!! xx

  3. Thank you! Im now wishing that we would have bought a year pass so that we could go as much as we wanted :)


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