Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Age: 1 year!!

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Weight: 17 pounds 4 ounces

Height: 30 inches

Sleep: Starting to sleep better at night where you wake up around 2/3 for a feeding and sometimes will sleep till about 8:30/9. Because its been so busy lately, naps get the brunt of everything. I try to still have you take a morning nap around 10/10:30 and then again at 3, but if we are out, you will sleep in your seat or as of late, a shopping cart. Putting you down has been really rough. You dont like sleeping if I am not holding you, which is a first. If I put you down you scream your head off. Its sad.

Can you see her on the phone?
Bedtime: Lately its been late. Like 10 o'clock late. If we are on schedule its normally around 8/8:30

Favorite Toy: Since we just got a gazillion toys, you love the Little People Nativity Set, The Little People Noah's Ark, your baby, your kitchen and puzzles.

Clothes Size: 6 Months

Diaper Size: Size 2 but moving into Size 3

Milestones Reached:

*WALKING!! You are on the go all.the.time
*Feeding yourself somewhat

*Saying "No" which is not cool
*Learning to color
*You now have two front teeth :)

*Signing "More"
*Learning animal noises. You know Duck, Cow, Monkey, Horse, Dog, Pig, Tiger, Lion


*You put your hand up to your ear when someone says hello or you have a phone-its really cute!
*You dont like men with big beards. You cry
*You love Corduroy Goes to the Beach book and Guess How Much I Love You

*You like putting stuff into things and taking them out
*You loved opening LOTS of presents and seeing a bunch of Christmas Lights
*You like playing Patty Cake

*You got Umizoomi DVD for Christmas and thats all you want to watch. You wave to the TV and hold remote and sometimes cry till someone turns it on for you
*You love to clap at everything

*You are afraid of cake
*Love playing the new keyboard in our house
*You get so excited that you can walk!

*Dont like sharing with people you dont know
*Attached to your blankie BIG time!
*You get excited over toys and animals

*You scream and hide your face when we tell you "No"
*Love playing in and with boxes
*LOVE the water!

*Turning up and down the volume on the stereo
*You can put necklaces over your head
Best Mood: All day! You are an outgoing, busy girl who doesnt want to miss out on anything!

Best Moments: Your birthday party and Christmas! You were so fun! I loved watching you open all your gifts and get excited over each one! You are a joy!

Worst Moments: Being sick twice in one month. You are a ornery little thing when you start getting sick. And you throwing fits when I lay you down and dont hold you!

**Paisley Grace**

You are ONE year old today! Its such a bittersweet day because I love the fact that you are growing up and "blooming" but then a small part of me misses when you were itty bitty. This year has flown. Some days it felt like forever till I would get to meet you and finally see what you looked like and what you would be like and here we are a year later and you this huge personality and sweet presence about you. I remember a year ago when I wanted you to come so bad and you just werent ready. This past year has been based around you and all on your timing. You have a time frame and agenda that you like us to hold to and so we have adjusted. You like things your way and in your own time. Its been so fun to watch you grow up over this year. You have taught me so many things in one year that I have in time over many years am still learning. My heart is so full with you. You have changed me for the better. Someday you will understand. Thank you for giving your daddy and I so many fun memories and great moments. You are alot like his sense of humor and its brought much happiness and laughter to this home. Silly girl! I cant wait to share such a big milestone moment with you! You are growing up and Im so excited to see what this next year will hold for us! I think I am headed into some busy times, but I sure enjoy every moment with you peanut! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE BUG!

Love you Forever and Always,

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  1. Happy birthday Paisley!!! That last paragraph is beautiful :)


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