Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Recap 2013: Better Late Than Never

Ok so this like a week and a half late and let me tell y'all, I really planned on doing this sooner, but we have been nonstop full force since my hubs started Christmas break. And now we have family coming into town tomorrow for Paisley's first birthday and we have been busy bees trying to finish our house for guests!! 

Now that you needed to know all that info, let me tell ya about our first Christmas with Paisley Grace. 

Having a child really brings out the magic in Christmas. Other than my first married Christmas with the hubs, this one has by far been one of my most favorites. We didnt get to do all that we wanted to do with having to work on our house and all, but what we did get to do was an insane amount of fun!

Since Aaron and I have four different sets of parents, we had a lot of celebrating and opening {on Paisley's end} to do. Whatever came in the mail we allowed Paisley to open so that she didnt feel super overwhelmed by everything, which ended up happening. 

My mom sent all of her stuff and we got her big box Sunday before Christmas and let Paisley open eveything mostly because I couldnt wait for Paisley to see the doll she was getting :) Paisley made out with a play purse, umizoomi DVD, Chasing Cheeky game, dolly clothes and her doll :) We spent the rest of the day giving the baby kisses, chasing after cheeky and putting things in and out of her new purse :)

Monday, we did Christmas with Aaron's mom and stepdad which was a complete with dinner and looking at lights :) Paisley got a rocking horse that makes all kinds of noises, which she thinks is the best thing in the whole entire world! She got books, jammies and a Little People nativity set. Her favorite toy I would say has been the nativity set. Its the one thing that she drags out all day long :)

Christmas Eve by we celebrated by making cookies and attending our Churches Candle light service and then hosted our first annual Christmas Eve party with white elephant game! Paisley was done for by 9:00pm and for us adults the fun was just getting started! 

Christmas day we spent at home as a family of three for the morning and then joined Aaron's dad and stepmom for Christmas dinner, gifts and looking at more lights. My sweet hubby stayed up till 3:30 am putting together Paisley's kitchen, that took 4 hours to assemble. Paisley had us up and awake by 8:00 am where we opened gifts and did breakfast which consisted of biscuits and gravy. After the first two presents, Paisley was starting to loose her attention span to open anymore since she had a TON of stuff to play with. Slowly, but surely all gifts were open and she was ready to rock :) We gave Paisley her very first kitchen and all its accessories {pots, pans, utensils, fruit basket, apron, plate, cup, bowl}, crayons, toothbrush, popsicle molds, books, dino poppity pop game, blocks, touch and feel learning cards and puzzles. Its been so fun to play kitchen with Paisley and to read new books together!

Christmas afternoon we went to my in-laws and had beef wellington and duck for Christmas dinner. Talk about an amazing meal! We spent almost two hours exchanging gifts and opening gifts. Paisley of course had the biggest pile to open. Papa and Grammy got Paisley the Zany Zoo activity cube, Radio Flyer 4-N-1 trike, pizza oven, Elefun game, lots of clothes, pacifiers, suction foods, pacifier clips, and a few other gadgets and gizmos :)

All in all I would say that we had an amazing Christmas and I cant wait to see what Christmas will be like next year when Paisley is a little bit older and can understand a few more things :)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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