Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

Here's to another week of Five on Friday!! Who's ready!?


Yesterday we had some friends over for a swim/splash pad date and we had a blast, well the kiddos sure had a blast and I got to have a few moments of an adult conversation! Why I love living in FL because it still is hot and beautiful here while most people are starting break out those fall clothes, although give me a few days and I will be wishing I could have cooler weather ;) Thats how it works right??

Gabers :)


I finally got this cute pacifier clip in the mail this week and I am in love! I had it custom made from JLTMadeForYou and it ended up being cheaper than the generic ones from Target or Babies R Us. I never thought these things were essential till Paisley thought it was quite hilarious dropping it every five seconds to watch me pick it up time and time again. Stinker!


I ordered this darling tankini top the other day from Hapari when they were on a flash sale for $12. Cant wait for it to come in the mail!! And seriously who can beat that price!??

Twist Black Tankini Swimwear


I picked up Piggy Paint a few weeks back for something special to do with Paisley and we finally got around to painting her little pigs. Gosh they are adorbs and I cant seem to get over it! Having a girl is sooo dangerous sometimes :)


This week seems to be about Paisley, and truth be told, we have been pretty lazy this week since next week begins the dreaded packing. Oh how I hate moving! BUT in other news....Paisley got her FIRST tooth!! This explains all our sleepless nights and no eating days. Oh teething how I wish you didnt make my baby so cranky! {Lil Miss wouldnt show that toother so I am leaving you with this...}

waving to friends

Happy weekend to you all! 
We will be having a work weekend on our new house!! EEEK we are almost there!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One of those days...

Ever have one of those days where you dont feel like you belong and feel like a complete failure, or basically you're not good enough? Today is one of those days. I hate feeling like this. I know that God has a purpose for my life and one day He will do something big in it and through it, but the road to get there sure has been a tough, painful road.

How do you move on when words are the death and enemy of anyone? How can you find confidence when the past has left you shattered and so fearful. I deal with this every week and you would think after years I would have gained some kind of ground, but today I sit and feel defeated once again. I feel like I am back in that same place I was years ago. Its like it haunts me over and over again. Words really do build you up or tear you down. I have forgiven, but the words that were said years ago of "you're not good enough and you need to figure out something different to do with your life" have such a tight grip on me that I dont know if I will ever be able to break free. How? When will it end? I just plain dont get it. My passion of music sometimes makes me feel like the worlds greatest failure. Yes, I know that I have a few weaknesses but dont we all?

I do know this. I am a good mom to Paisley and most of the time I am a good wife to my husband. Maybe I take a step back from what I really wanted to do with my life and be and focus on the things that I really am great at, and love just as much as wanting to be a worship leader or sing music. Maybe if I dont get involved and pulled myself back, maybe, just maybe I wouldnt feel so disappointed, hurt, angry, incapable. If my life ends up being just a mom to my children and a wife, I will be equally happy. They are what completes me. They are what adds happiness and joy to this everyday journey. I dont need someone telling me I am not good enough when I know I am good at what I do within our home. Maybe thats all I will ever be, and thats ok. I dont need to sing and I dont need to lead worship. Sometimes church stuff is more messy than the real world. Sad but painfully true. I just wish one day, I would be given a fair chance and a fair shot. Till then I am still bound to what has crippled me for many years.

Its one of those days can you tell?

Wildcard Wednesday

Hello my friends! 
I am joining a new weekly link-up and so can you! At the end of the month you are also eligible to win a prize! How cool is that??

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Now go make some friends!! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Friend Connect Blog Hop

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Happy Tuesday Y'all!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Letters to Baby

My Sweet Paisley Sunshine,

Today some of my friends lost their baby son. It has torn your momma up for the last number of days and now hearing its over, my heart aches for them. It aches bad, because I cant imagine losing not one, not two, but three babies in a row. I lost a baby very early on before you, and the pain and the emptiness leaves a huge whole in who you are. Having you, and being a parent now, I dont know what I would ever do in this situation. I cant help but be angry for them, to share a bit of their pain as they go home empty-handed. Life is so not fair. Sometimes I really wish I knew why bad things happen to good people, or why God would let them endure some of the cruelest, toughest pain. Tonight, I am angry. I question why God did this to them. I dont know the purpose. I honestly cant even see the logic in His purpose right now. It all just doesnt make sense. I know from here on out, I will count myself really lucky to have you, to be with you every day, to teach you all about life, how to have fun, how to love, how to be happy. And you in turn, teach this Momma how to be patient, how to see life in a whole new perspective, how to live in the moment, how to not worry so much about what the house looks like, that its ok to stay in bed and pjs all day and just cuddle, you teach me how to love deeper, and to just go with it. After these last few days, everything pales in comparison to what this family just got hit with. My phone and emails can wait. The dirty dishes can wait. The laundry can wait, sweeping the floor and cleaning the bathroom can wait. My time is yours. Time is precious. You cant ever get this moments back and Im sure that this family is wishing that time could just stand still for one moment. For one second. To have one more moment with their precious baby, one last kiss, one last look, one last anything. Tears stream down my face. I wish more people understand how valuable time is. You dont ever get it back. Everything can wait, but our children cant. You are what makes our world. Life has a whole new meaning after today. Its sad how something like this really makes you stop, think and reevaluate. You are precious to me, being with you is precious to me. I want to make sure that every moment counts when I am with you. It has to count because wherever you look there will always be one woman, one man, one family wishing they could have a child, to be parent and then there will be some young girl aborting a baby, or some sick person killing a child. Its reality. So many people wanting to make a family and so many others who would give anything to just get rid of a child. Again, life doesnt make sense at all sometimes. Make sure that you make every day count. You live it to its fullest. I want to make sure that at the end of my life, when its all said and done, that I will have nothing left to give because I literally gave it my all along the way. Treasure the moments. When you have children of your own, you will understand more of what I am saying, but also make sure that you give them your all. They will be the only thing that matters in the end. Everything else can wait because it doesnt carry the weight of importance that a human being does. You will see one day, you will see :)

I love you more than you will ever know my girl


Mommy & Me

Happy Monday dear ones!

I am spending the day cuddling with my sweet girl and take in every moment that I can. 
I dont know about you, but since I found out the news about Baby Kaden {Diana Stone's son} going home to be with Jesus I just cant stop crying. The days are short. Our time is limited and the moments that I can spend with Paisley I want to make them count. Every moment has to count. It makes me less worried about the two loads of laundry sitting in the dryer, on the dryer, dirty dishes in the sink, high chair tray not wiped up yet, and dog hair all over the floor so not worth it at the moment. Everything pales in comparison to what is rocking their world. Oh I cant even imagine! My heart breaks and aches like none other for this family. 
Ugh I cant even stand it!

Please lift them up in prayer y'all. They are going to hurt for a while and we have got to be there to support them.

This is a short post, but I am headed to spend time with my snuggle bugs for the day :)

She's my world in a picture
Have a great week!!

DIY Polka-dot Canvas Art

I have this great plan of incorporating polka-dots and chevron {my greatest weaknesses} into our new office and I couldnt be more thrilled or excited. I will be posting the DIY Chevron Canvas Art shortly, but my original plan was to do a dark Navy Blue accent wall with gold metallic polka-dots on the wall like this:

However, my hubby was a little skeptical. Truthfully, I dont blame him. What if it got really messed up and wasnt what I was picturing in my head?? I began searching for chevron projects and while I was in my search I found this:

Easy peasy? Yep! This was the solution to our problem and I would still get something polka-dot!! I set out for Michael's and was on my way to a new project.

What You'll Need: 

1. Decide the size of your canvas' 
{I chose 8X10 and they were on sale for 4.99 for a 2-pack at Michael's!}

2. Pick the color scrapbook paper you are wanting. 
{I chose gold glitter and gold metallic, along with coral glitter and an everything color glitter page} Michael's just so happened to have a sale on paper so they were $1 a piece. How awesome is that for a cheap project??

3. If you are going to paint your canvas, pick your color paint. I chose just a cheap .83 paint that was called "Melon" to go along with the coral color.

4. If you dont have a circle punch then you can buy one. I found the smallest one for $3.99 at Michael's+40% coupon makes for a super cheap circle punch.

5. Strong adhesive or hot glue gun. I used a hot glue gun because, duh hot glue is so much better!

Now for the fun part:

1. Start punching little circles. You will be happy you got this done first. Whilst its easy, its a little time consuming

2. When you are done with all your circles, get your canvas out and now start to arrange the circles how you would like them, UNLESS you are wanting to paint, go a head and paint your canvas first. 

My hubby liked the "not so clean" paint look so I left it unfinished and grungy like. 

3. When you have your circles punched, arranged and just how you like, start gluing or laying them down. I just flipped mine over one by one and put a little hot glue on the back of them and then laid them back in place. Feel free to glue and pick your place as you go, but I just thought I would see what it would look like first, in case I wanted to rearrange or try different things out.

4. This is what the final product looks like when you are finished. You can do as little or as many canvas' as you would like. I chose four but may end up doing more once I can get in the office and start putting it all together. 

Easy right?? 
Took me maybe an hour or two to do it all!

Good luck! 
Would love to see your final product if you decide to give this a whirl :) 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

There are No Words

Happy Sunday beautiful friends! {I'm typing this from my phone as we rehearse for worship this morning}

I just want to say thank you for all the prayers thus far for the Stone family. I know they probably could not been more appreciative. I want to keep asking you to lift them up as baby Kaden is going home to be with Jesus. They need support more than ever now. 

I am deeply heart broken for this family and all they have had to endure. I cannot even fathom the emptiness they feel and the heartbreak they are experiencing. There are no words. I have no words. I wish I understand Gods plans a little better, but regardless we have to celebrate and rejoice in the moments that we do have to be together because life is short. Cliche but we are never guaranteed tomorrow. 

As they hurt, as we feel their pain and we  are moved by this story let us come together and let them know how much they are loved and how much support they have behind them. 

Stone family we are praying for you all in this hard time. You are loved and we are here to carry you all in whatever you may need. Baby Kaden you are loved more than you will ever know!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

Whew! Another week in the books my friends. Seems like Friday has taken foooorrreevveerr to get here!!
Anyone else feel like this week has drug on? 


The picture pretty much sums this one up! My new little niece or nephew will arrive sometime in March! Paisley is going to have many cousins to play with one day and its exciting!! Im calling another boy but we will see ;)


Walmart has done it again folks! I got a pair of yoga type shorts for $3 and this little hot pink beauty for $4. You definitely cannot beat those prices anywhere! Good deals of the week makes for a happy gal!


We bought popsicles molds forever ago from IKEA and I just finally got around to using them, hello summer is almost over, but nonetheless our first go around was a hit! Earl Gray Lavender Lemonade popsicles! Equal parts of tea and simply lemonade. The tea is by Tebella here in Tampa, but is not sold online.


Here is a sneak peek of a few projects that have been happening at our house for our new office! DIY tutorials are to come so be on the lookout...DIY Chevron glitter canvas, polka dot art canvas. You can kind of see the paint chip color of the navy blue we are going with. 


You may have seen my many post to Pray for Kaden this week, and I want to post about him some more. His parents Diana and Sam Stone are family friends. I graduated and grew up with Diana's sister Alyson and am no stranger to what has happened in their past. Diana lost twin boys at 19 weeks when her water broke a year and a half ago. Almost a year later she found out she was pregnant again, and two weeks ago gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Kaden. On the day they were suppose to take him home, they found out he had heart failure and was air lifted to Children's in Dallas. They are in the process of moving from El Paso to Dallas as Kaden will be in the hospital for sometime waiting for a heart transplant. This family has been through so much and I ask that you pray for them. They have had some pretty rough days and some scary moments and fear what they have already been through once before. Diana blogs over at Hormonal Imbalances if you want to stay updated or check out her blog. Please lift them up in prayer, positive vibes, or encouragement as they need it most right now in this trying time. We serve a big God and I know this is one small task for Him. 

How precious is he?? Photo was taken by Allix B Photography

Have a great and fabulous weekend y'all!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prayers and Support for Kaden

Monday I posted this post about Diana Stone's son, Kaden. 
Diana blogs over at Hormonal Imbalance so you can check out the updates on little Kaden and his progress each day.

Yesterday, they set up a fundraiser for the Stone family. With Kaden's condition it will require them to move from El Paso to Dallas as Kaden will be in the hospital for quite some time. They currently are paying rent and for a hotel in Dallas and have to find expenses for them to move. If you feel lead and are able to, please think about helping the Stone family. Every little bit helps them, whether its financial help, prayers, encouragement, support, you guys are making a difference. This family has been through more than anyone probably has to ever endure, but they are still holding on and are still praying for a miracle for Kaden. 

If you would like to give, or leave a comment for them please feel free to do so here. I know they would be more than appreciative for all of our help in this trying time. 

Thank you all so much! 

Breastfeeding Remedies: All Purpose Nipple Ointment DIY Recipe

I shared a few weeks ago about some issues we are having breastfeeding, and since then its gotten much worse. To say that it has been rough, would only be an understatement. I dont know what is going on with my little punkin, but I am determined to keep at it, no matter how hard and how much I hurt. 

We came home a week and a half ago to a fridge and freezer that had completely stopped working and you can only imagine my reaction when I realized that it had not been running for a while and I had a freezer full of breastmilk. Ya, there were some tears. Many tears, but luckily I researched and researched and my milk wasnt all the way thawed and was able to salvage it. BUT I was beyond worried and terrified of loosing everything that I have been working months on!

With loosing milk and a decreased supply due to darn Aunt Flo, it pretty much sent me into a stressed out, hot mess this last week. And with a teething baby {well, assuming} since she is pulling my nipples like none other, I have been in some bad shape, and the cream I had just wasnt doing the trick. I mean, this has been the worst its ever been. Blood, cuts, soreness, tears, excruciating pain, you name it. Paisley is so easily distractable right now that she is on and off, on and off, pulling, jerking, and yes, I have tried many times to break her suction before she can turn her head and pull right off, but sometimes there is no fair warning for when she is gonna go for it. I've tried a nipple shield and Paisley refuses to eat with it. We started out with a shield and then weaned off of it and since then, Paisley wont have anything to do with it. Sad I know, for this moment anyway. 

Till yesterday, I have manned up to the pain and gotten through it, but its gotten worse and I about had it yesterday morning so I began to do some research. Research at 4:30 am because I was in that much pain ya'll. Her latch is great, it hasnt changed, but for some reason the last week or so, all she does is pull, pull, pull. I have tried popping her every time she pulls, but she thinks its funny when I do it, and when I yell "no" she does it even harder. When I take her off and let her have a break, she screams. Its a never ending battle. A LC call just might be in our near future, but for now I have found a remedy thanks to my very early morning research.

From several online forums and google searches for "All Purpose Nipple Ointment Recipes" I have combined a few DIY recipes to replace the prescription $85 Dr. Jack Newmans All Purpose Nipple Ointment. Seriously $85 for a prescription ointment for your nipples? You have got to be joking me!! $85 + a trip to the dr to even get a prescription or a DIY $20 ointment. You pick my friends. 

I headed straight for the store yesterday morning and picked up a few things to make this concoction for sore, dry, cracked, cut, bleeding, stinging nipples. Let me just say this, once I finally got it mixed together it was instant relief and this morning I dont feel near as bad as I did yesterday. Its healing. Quickly. Can I get an amen??

I mixed equal parts of the following: {About a teaspoon of each}

*It was recommended that the Polysporin be the real deal, and the rest can be a generic brand.*

Use after each feeding

This stuff is pure bliss. I promise it works fast and will make you feel a 100 times better than you felt before you started using it. Something about using a antibiotic cream and an anti-fungal cream really helps clear up everything super duper fast. Normally I use Boob Ease Natural Nipple Balm because its organic and doesnt have lanolin or junk in it, but this time around it just wasnt cutting it for me, but I do highly recommend this stuff just for normal wear and tear of breastfeeding.

Oh the aches and pains of breastfeeding. If its not one thing for us its the other when it comes to breastfeeding, but I honestly wouldnt have it any other way. I hope this post helps someone who has been in this situation or needs a little help.

Happy Breastfeeding Momma's!
**I was not sponsored for these products. All opinions are simply my own.

Workout Wednesday

Annnnd I'm back for another round of workouts. 
So you know this really popular thing called Crossfit?? Ya, well I'm posting a beginners version, because if you are anything like me after having a baby, I feel like I have a loooong ways to go to get back on track. Well, Im back to pre-pregnancy weight but I dont want to stop there. I'm thinking like another 10 pounds if possible. 10 seems so easy, but yet so hard at the same time.

Shall we get started?
 I love this workout because even though it seems simple and has simple things, it definitely does the body some good and gives you a little boost, not to mention, leaves you a little out of breath. Try it out and see what ya think ;)

**If anyone is interested in adding this workout to their daily routine, I would love to have you comment each day with your #s for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Maybe we could encourage each other this way? Let me know what you think?

Have a great rest of your week! We are almost to Friday y'all!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mommy & Me

Monday. Monday. Monday. 
I am starting to see a pattern with how our Mondays operate. Lazy. We are pretty much lazy on Mondays. With Paisley not sleeping at night, by the time we hit Monday all I think about is sleeping and vegging out. Anyone else feel the same way?

My girl and I have gotten to snuggle up all day. Its been pure bliss. I will miss these moments one day, but for now I will take it and be thankful :)

We hope you have had a great weekend and your week is off to a great start!

Letters to Baby

Baby Girl,

I read a blog post of some friends who are in the most challenging situations after giving birth to their new little baby boy. My heart aches for them and hurts so badly that they have to go through what they are going through. This world is tough. There is lots of evil out there, and many things that we dont understand, and will never understand. I just want you to know that no matter what happens in this lifetime, your daddy and I will try to give you everything we can. If we have to move mountains for you; we will.

Today is a hard day and all I can do is hold you a little tighter, love you a little longer, kiss you a little more and make sure that you know that you are my world. I am beyond blessed to be able to be home with you each and everyday and not miss a beat. This time is something that I wont ever take for granted. You just never know when time will run out and it will be the end of something. Live life to its fullest. I mean it. In one instance, in one moment everything can completely change. Take in as much as you can, do what you dream of doing. Don't ever let fear get in the way of your dreams and the plans that you have for your life. Do everything you do with confidence. Set your mind to something and go for it. You never know where things can lead, but you first have to be willing to just simply start. You never know if you dont ever give something a try. Also, its ok to make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Its what helps shape us and makes us stronger. Mistakes dont define you. People dont define you. Your past will never define you. Dont be afraid to take a risk. Dont be afraid to love. Dont be afraid to try new things. Dont be afraid to be you. Dont be afraid to stand out. Dont be afraid to write history. Dont be afraid to take the road less traveled. Whatever you do, do it with everything that you have got. You might just surprise yourself with the things that you learn and do. Whatever you need, I will always be here to support you and help you. Life is what you make of it. Enjoy it. Live it. Live in the moment. The worst thing we can do is always be wishing for more or always looking a head that we miss what is right in front of us. There is so much up a head for you! You are going to do great and mighty things. I believe in you and I believe that you can. You are fierce and I know there will be nothing that stops you when you set your mind to it.

Thank you for giving me some of life's greatest moments. Thank you for being the joy to our lives. This time with you is so valuable and precious to me. Know that. Always know that.

I love you beyond words,


Getting to Know Me: 5 Things

I was tagged by AshleyRose from A Nelson's Nest in this special edition of getting to know me. Are ya'll ready from some inside info??

Five Things I have a Passion For:

1. God
2. Being a wife and mother
3. Crafting/scrapbooking/creating/Design
5. Shopping

Five Things I Would Like to do Before I Die:

1. Travel the world
2. Spend Christmas or NYE in NYC
3. See my children grow up
4. Make history doing something
5. Lead worship for thousands of people

Five Reads I Love/What I've Read Lately:

1. Anything Mitch Albom
2. Summer Sisters
3. The Resolution for Women
4. Wife After God {Reading/doing currently}
5. Anything Angie Smith

Five Favorite Movies:

1. Fried Green Tomatoes
2. The Wedding Date
3. Life As We Know It
4. The Odd Life of Timothy Green
5. Father of the Brides

Five Places I Want to Travel:

1. NYC
2. Tahiti
3. Maine
4. Ireland
5. Paris

Please Pray

I want to ask all of you in joining me to pray for some friends of ours. There are some of you who follow Diana at Hormonal Imbalance, but if you dont know her story, it will literally rock you to your core. Her sister Alyson and I have been friends for many years and graduated High School together and just hearing and reading what has taken place in their lives the past few years is devastating. Diana and her husband, Sam have a daughter, Bella, and about a year and a half ago gave birth to twin boys at 19 weeks only to loose them a week later. 

They just recently gave birth to their son Kaden, and the day they were suppose to be going home, they learned about his heart failure. I cant imagine anything worse than being prepared to go home and get a diagnosis like that. They flew him to Dallas to a team of specialists at Children's and have been trying hard to get his little heart up and running on its own. Several things have transpired since then and his heart isnt pumping the way that it needs to. They are praying for a miracle for his heart to correct itself or to get a transplant, soon. 

Her recent post found here gives a little more detail. This family has been through so much and its only by the grace of God that she is still moving, because as a new Momma myself I dont know how I could even face the day. 

Please join with me and praying for their family. I know they can use every ounce of what we have got. Prayers, encouragement, you name it. The Bible says, "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them." Matthew 18:20

I know God is going to use this situation for His glory and something great will come out of this! God is more than able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can DARE ask or think. He is more than able to do the impossible, and I believe He will move in a mighty way for Diana, Sam and little Kaden.

Praying for you Stone family!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

Wohoo this is my 100th blog post! I cant think of any better way to celebrate then with a little Five on Friday!!

Happy 100th post to me! I didnt ever think of hitting 100 posts. I really in all actuality started this blog to keep my family and friends up to date during my pregnancy with Paisley. I didnt think of becoming a blogger or enjoying it this much, or having it turn into a hobby for me, but little did I know that it would take me great places and let me meet some great people! I hope for many more posts to come! And just for fun, here was my very First Post. I remember taking the picture and writing the post and the daunting task of trying to set up my own personal page. That was a job in itself, but thank tha Lord I have a husband who knows all about this stuff :) 

My baby girl turned SEVEN months old yesterday! Time really does fly, and the saying, "your baby is only a baby for a second" really does ring true. It feels like just yesterday I had her, but somehow I am waking up to a baby who is SEVEN months and almost turning ONE! Holy Moly people!!


Remember how I posted this a few Fridays ago about Paisley loving her jumperoo?? Well, she hates her jumperoo :( I finally broke down and went and got the one that she loves so I am highlighting this again because she LOVES the Evenflo Triple Fun Jungle Exersaucer. Happy baby makes for a happy Momma :)


I shared in this post about how we won FREE flooring for our new home, and well our flooring came yesterday and we are in love!! We won 450 sq ft from with free shipping and it came in and I am so happy about it! Its not as dark as we wanted it to be, but I think I might just love this more. Shhh dont tell my hubby ;) It is more us and will fit more of what we are doing in our home. We are actually going to pair it with travertine in the entry way and in the kitchen. Cant wait to post pics when we finally can get in there and get it going!

Website Pic/Actual Pic

I got a new do!! After months of not having my hair colored and my hair desperately needing a good cut, I took a little time all to myself and got "me" spoiled for a few hours. There is something about going in to get your hair done and walking out like a completely new woman! I dont know why I dont get it done more often because it makes me feel refreshed. Anyone else feel this way?? Forgive the selfie. I hate selfies...

Cheers to a great weekend!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

SEVEN Months!!

Age: Seven months

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Weight: 13 pounds 7 ounces

Height: 26 inches

Sleep: Lately, not great naps because we are so busy! I try to get your morning one in and just let you do what you want for afternoon, but if we are home you get an afternoon nap too. Most of the time you dont fight me, but we have our moments where you fight me on all naps. Bedtime has been good and bad this month. You have had some great moments sleeping 10 hours, but then you have had moments where you are up every single hour fussing and wanting to eat. I blame it on teething and growth spurts this time :)

Bedtime: Bedtime for you is 9 or 9:30 sometimes later depending on if we have something going on

Favorite Toy: Anything and everything. Lately you have just wanted your guitar, but you also love playing with spoons, bowls, your taggie elephant, books, ball, crinkle book, keys, Momma's jewelry, things that make noise and your jumperoo.

Clothes Size: 3 Months and some 3-6 month stuff

Diaper Size: Just now in size 2

Messiest Eater

Milestones Reached:

*Saying MOMMA!!

This is where you said Momma!!

*Sitting up like a big girl!

*Moving objects from one hand to the other

*Recognizing "NO"

*Signing the word "Milk"

*Waving to anyone and everyone!! By far my favorite thing!! {every morning when you get up you look for Harley and have to wave to her before you can do anything else}

*Said "Hi" to Harley {your dog-dog}

*You recognize your food and reach for it

*Clapping somewhat!!

*Growth spurt and lots of teething, but no teeth yet

*You look for things that we take away or hide. You are a smart cookie and know that it didnt go too far.


*You love to climb. You are quite the monkey and I think it will just get worse as time goes on

*You love when people clap and cheer for you. Attention stealer much :)

*Loving books that you can touch & feel

*Baths are a big time favorite lately. Its like you wait all day to get this one thing that is heaven on earth for you. I love it!
You love watching your tub fill up

*You love glasses and trying to take them off people. We really need to work on this one....

*We have had several issues of constipation and they have been a little rough. First time wasnt so bad, but the second time was miserable because you would just scream anytime that you would try to go. It broke my heart to see you hurting :(

*We are having a hard time getting you to nurse. Some say "Nursing Strike" and others just say its a transition from nursing to solids. Its been really painful this time around because you eat for a minute and want to get off and look around some, then eat again, then want to get up and look around. Its a never ending battle right now

*Dont really care for Peaches and you didnt really care for green foods at first but now you dont mind them at all. That a girl!

*You realize you have something on top of your head and you try hard to grab and pull it. Quite funny if you ask me :)

*You love to some times copy or mimic us :) Its pretty funny but it also melts my heart that I might just have a lil mini me on my hands!

*You LOVE your Harley doggy

opening six month birthday gifts

*First shower with mommy. You werent too sure about what was happening ha!

*YOU ARE THE BUSIEST BABY I KNOW! You NEVER stop moving!! Ever! I am in trouble when you start walking. Yikes!

*You LOVE straws

*Water is an all time favorite for you. Doesnt matter if its bath time, we are swimming, playing at the splash pad, playing in the sink or you just wanting to put your fingers and hands in someones drinking cup. You cant get enough.

Love your blocks that you got as your half month present

*You LOVE attention!! You constantly have to have attention....

*You have quite the range of faces. I wonder where you get that from.....

*You hate getting dressed and undressed, you hate your diaper getting changed, and you hate people washing your face. I dont like this :(

*You are scrunching up your nose and making noises. I will someday cry when you dont do this anymore because this has to be my favorite thing you do!

Best Mood: Mornings still :)

Best Moment: I love hearing you say "Momma" It melts my heart and makes me want to explode every time you say it. Daddy is jealous :) You have quite the personality and I love getting to experience it every day. I look forward to what you might do next.

Worst Moment: Constipation takes the cake on this one. I hated every moment of it and hope we dont have to go through that again! Talk about a rough few days!


**Paisley Grace:

I cant believe that you are already seven months old! I wish I really knew where the time went because it doesnt feel real that I just had you that long ago. It seems like it took forever for you to get here and then bam you were here and suddenly almost one! How in the world does that happen!?

You are constantly changing and I love the little personality that you have. Sometimes its not always easy because you love attention and cannot be left for a single moment, or I cant even put you down, but I know that I must cherish those moments because one day I will be wishing for those moments back. With you, I have to learn to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow or what you will be like next month. I dont want to miss anything. I am so lucky that your daddy works so hard for us so that I can be home with you and not miss out. When you have your own children, take in every moment because these precious moments dont last long. You children grow up way too fast. You blink and its over.

I cant tell you how happy you make us. You make even the worst day better. One smile fixes everything, or lately one wave or nose scrunch does the trick! We really are blessed with you. You are a great baby! Everyone that meets you just falls in love. Talk about a sweet, tender girl. You will really touch lots of people one day. I have a feeling you will have a great impact in this world and will do some big and mighty things! You just wait and see :)

Till next time my little munchkin,


P.S. I love you to the moon and back!