Monday, August 12, 2013

What a Weekend

Lets just say that everything that can go wrong in a weekend, went completely wrong for us. What makes me feel worse is that it was my hubby's last weekend before he returned back to school and instead we were faced with circumstance after circumstance.

we woke up early to our power being out for the gazillionth time so thats about how our day started. Shouldnt that have already been a sign? We decided to run a bunch of errands and get that out of the way so that when we close most of the tedious stuff is complete and we arent running around. We started at Michael's. My hubby decided to load Paisley in the car while I checked out, but somehow he forget to grab my wallet out of the cart and load that too. We got to Lowe's and I thought I was about to have a heart attack. It was back to Michael's in a matter of minutes only to realize my wallet was no longer in the cart. Talk about anxiety people. My whole life is in that wallet. Luckily, a kind person {some still do exist} turned it in up at the front! Whew! Relieved. We then headed back to Lowe's to pick out the paint color for our office, only to have to deal with a few jerks at the paint department who were more than unwilling to help us in any way shape or form. I left there pretty angry, but determined to make the rest of the day. Paisley was really fussy for some reason so by the time we got back to my in-laws to begin working on our dresser she was completely done for. She went down for a nap, and let me tell you, within in one hour, I was able to spray paint a set of shelves, a mirror, a vase, do a pinterest project and help my hubby sand a few dresser drawers. I feel accomplished just in that one hour! And I am so happy about the stain for our dresser, but you are just going to have to wait for the post when its all finished :) 

Friday we were suppose to go out for sushi, but ended up having the worst thunderstorm of the summer season so far. There was no leaving the house for us, so Chili it was for our rainy weather. 

We came home to the power being out....again! We debated going back to my in-laws to get Paisley ready for bed, but decided with many candles and a flashlight we could bathe Paisley and get her ready for bed. It was little tough, but we rocked it like nobodys business in the dark. Several hours later our power was on and I was out for the count. 

Paisleys first time trying out the cart cover :)

Sneak Peek of a dresser drawer


We took a trip to Ikea to grab a few things for the home, and to check out a few things. Note to self: dont ever go to Ikea on empty stomachs! That was a long few hours, but we made it! Saturday was suppose to be a date day for Aaron and I, but I think Ikea wiped us out and Paisley so we grabbed pizza instead. On our way home, Paisley had the BIGGEST blow out of my life. It blew out her diaper, her outfit, and the entire carseat. It was bad. Real bad. At 8 o' clock when we should have been heading home, we had a mess to clean instead. 11 o' clock and we were finally leaving the in-laws with an immaculately cleaned carseat. Thank you husband! When we got home at 11:30 pm we noticed that because of the power being out the night before it completely fried our fridge. We lost everything in the freezer and the fridge including my breastmilk-liquid gold stuff. I cried hard. I am in the process of going back to work and to have your whole stash gone is quite devastating. It was the tip of the iceberg for me in that moment. Worst day of my life! Talk about a long weekend you wish you could redo. 

 Woke up to these snugglies. They were the highlight of a bad weekend :)


Because we were up late, Paisley and I slept in late and headed to church for the second service. We went out to eat after church and Paisley fell when she was sitting and got a little goosey on her head :( We spent some time at home depot, came home took a nap and it was back out for a dinner date and to grab a few groceries and to bed early for this family. Quite the weekend I would say. 

She makes everything better!

Hope you had a great weekend! 
Lets see if this week starts off better :) Hoping to get a new fridge today!!

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  1. Sorry you had such a bad weekend! I hope you are having a great day and that your week goes smoothly!


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