Thursday, August 15, 2013

SEVEN Months!!

Age: Seven months

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Weight: 13 pounds 7 ounces

Height: 26 inches

Sleep: Lately, not great naps because we are so busy! I try to get your morning one in and just let you do what you want for afternoon, but if we are home you get an afternoon nap too. Most of the time you dont fight me, but we have our moments where you fight me on all naps. Bedtime has been good and bad this month. You have had some great moments sleeping 10 hours, but then you have had moments where you are up every single hour fussing and wanting to eat. I blame it on teething and growth spurts this time :)

Bedtime: Bedtime for you is 9 or 9:30 sometimes later depending on if we have something going on

Favorite Toy: Anything and everything. Lately you have just wanted your guitar, but you also love playing with spoons, bowls, your taggie elephant, books, ball, crinkle book, keys, Momma's jewelry, things that make noise and your jumperoo.

Clothes Size: 3 Months and some 3-6 month stuff

Diaper Size: Just now in size 2

Messiest Eater

Milestones Reached:

*Saying MOMMA!!

This is where you said Momma!!

*Sitting up like a big girl!

*Moving objects from one hand to the other

*Recognizing "NO"

*Signing the word "Milk"

*Waving to anyone and everyone!! By far my favorite thing!! {every morning when you get up you look for Harley and have to wave to her before you can do anything else}

*Said "Hi" to Harley {your dog-dog}

*You recognize your food and reach for it

*Clapping somewhat!!

*Growth spurt and lots of teething, but no teeth yet

*You look for things that we take away or hide. You are a smart cookie and know that it didnt go too far.


*You love to climb. You are quite the monkey and I think it will just get worse as time goes on

*You love when people clap and cheer for you. Attention stealer much :)

*Loving books that you can touch & feel

*Baths are a big time favorite lately. Its like you wait all day to get this one thing that is heaven on earth for you. I love it!
You love watching your tub fill up

*You love glasses and trying to take them off people. We really need to work on this one....

*We have had several issues of constipation and they have been a little rough. First time wasnt so bad, but the second time was miserable because you would just scream anytime that you would try to go. It broke my heart to see you hurting :(

*We are having a hard time getting you to nurse. Some say "Nursing Strike" and others just say its a transition from nursing to solids. Its been really painful this time around because you eat for a minute and want to get off and look around some, then eat again, then want to get up and look around. Its a never ending battle right now

*Dont really care for Peaches and you didnt really care for green foods at first but now you dont mind them at all. That a girl!

*You realize you have something on top of your head and you try hard to grab and pull it. Quite funny if you ask me :)

*You love to some times copy or mimic us :) Its pretty funny but it also melts my heart that I might just have a lil mini me on my hands!

*You LOVE your Harley doggy

opening six month birthday gifts

*First shower with mommy. You werent too sure about what was happening ha!

*YOU ARE THE BUSIEST BABY I KNOW! You NEVER stop moving!! Ever! I am in trouble when you start walking. Yikes!

*You LOVE straws

*Water is an all time favorite for you. Doesnt matter if its bath time, we are swimming, playing at the splash pad, playing in the sink or you just wanting to put your fingers and hands in someones drinking cup. You cant get enough.

Love your blocks that you got as your half month present

*You LOVE attention!! You constantly have to have attention....

*You have quite the range of faces. I wonder where you get that from.....

*You hate getting dressed and undressed, you hate your diaper getting changed, and you hate people washing your face. I dont like this :(

*You are scrunching up your nose and making noises. I will someday cry when you dont do this anymore because this has to be my favorite thing you do!

Best Mood: Mornings still :)

Best Moment: I love hearing you say "Momma" It melts my heart and makes me want to explode every time you say it. Daddy is jealous :) You have quite the personality and I love getting to experience it every day. I look forward to what you might do next.

Worst Moment: Constipation takes the cake on this one. I hated every moment of it and hope we dont have to go through that again! Talk about a rough few days!


**Paisley Grace:

I cant believe that you are already seven months old! I wish I really knew where the time went because it doesnt feel real that I just had you that long ago. It seems like it took forever for you to get here and then bam you were here and suddenly almost one! How in the world does that happen!?

You are constantly changing and I love the little personality that you have. Sometimes its not always easy because you love attention and cannot be left for a single moment, or I cant even put you down, but I know that I must cherish those moments because one day I will be wishing for those moments back. With you, I have to learn to live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow or what you will be like next month. I dont want to miss anything. I am so lucky that your daddy works so hard for us so that I can be home with you and not miss out. When you have your own children, take in every moment because these precious moments dont last long. You children grow up way too fast. You blink and its over.

I cant tell you how happy you make us. You make even the worst day better. One smile fixes everything, or lately one wave or nose scrunch does the trick! We really are blessed with you. You are a great baby! Everyone that meets you just falls in love. Talk about a sweet, tender girl. You will really touch lots of people one day. I have a feeling you will have a great impact in this world and will do some big and mighty things! You just wait and see :)

Till next time my little munchkin,


P.S. I love you to the moon and back!


  1. I love that picture of Paisley in the yellow dress and white flower headband! She is beautiful!

  2. New follower here :)

    Your baby girl is so darn cute!!! Just love the pic of her watching the bath fill up!


    1. Hey! Thanks for following along! Every time we let her watch the bath fill up, both of us cant ever get enough. My hubby is always asking if I got a picture of it :) Heading over to check your "space" out :)


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