Friday, August 23, 2013

Five on Friday

Whew! Another week in the books my friends. Seems like Friday has taken foooorrreevveerr to get here!!
Anyone else feel like this week has drug on? 


The picture pretty much sums this one up! My new little niece or nephew will arrive sometime in March! Paisley is going to have many cousins to play with one day and its exciting!! Im calling another boy but we will see ;)


Walmart has done it again folks! I got a pair of yoga type shorts for $3 and this little hot pink beauty for $4. You definitely cannot beat those prices anywhere! Good deals of the week makes for a happy gal!


We bought popsicles molds forever ago from IKEA and I just finally got around to using them, hello summer is almost over, but nonetheless our first go around was a hit! Earl Gray Lavender Lemonade popsicles! Equal parts of tea and simply lemonade. The tea is by Tebella here in Tampa, but is not sold online.


Here is a sneak peek of a few projects that have been happening at our house for our new office! DIY tutorials are to come so be on the lookout...DIY Chevron glitter canvas, polka dot art canvas. You can kind of see the paint chip color of the navy blue we are going with. 


You may have seen my many post to Pray for Kaden this week, and I want to post about him some more. His parents Diana and Sam Stone are family friends. I graduated and grew up with Diana's sister Alyson and am no stranger to what has happened in their past. Diana lost twin boys at 19 weeks when her water broke a year and a half ago. Almost a year later she found out she was pregnant again, and two weeks ago gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Kaden. On the day they were suppose to take him home, they found out he had heart failure and was air lifted to Children's in Dallas. They are in the process of moving from El Paso to Dallas as Kaden will be in the hospital for sometime waiting for a heart transplant. This family has been through so much and I ask that you pray for them. They have had some pretty rough days and some scary moments and fear what they have already been through once before. Diana blogs over at Hormonal Imbalances if you want to stay updated or check out her blog. Please lift them up in prayer, positive vibes, or encouragement as they need it most right now in this trying time. We serve a big God and I know this is one small task for Him. 

How precious is he?? Photo was taken by Allix B Photography

Have a great and fabulous weekend y'all!!


  1. I made popsicles for the first time this week in the exact same Ikea molds. I'm going to have to try the tea and lemonade mix. Sounds delicious!

  2. I will most certainly add the Stone family to my prayers tonight.

    I'm working on my home office and am so excited to see your tutorials!

    1. Thank you so much for the prayers! I will get tutorials up by middle of next week!!

  3. How exciting you're going to be an Aunt!? Those popsicles sound amazing and I LOVE your canvas art :)

    IG: megawat
    Would love for you to stop by my blog :)

    1. Im excited! I have a niece and a nephew and cant wait to see what other lil one we add to the bunch :) I will get tutorials up soon! Easy projects :) And I will stop by your blog right now!

  4. I'm excited to see what you are working on for your office!

    1. One month and it should be complete! Here's to hoping!!

  5. I am with Ashley, I am excited to see what you are working on! It looks super cute already!

  6. Hello! I am very excited for your DIY tutorials! Anything chevron and glitter is fine by me :) Can I add your blog to my daily reads page on my blog?

    Madison at

  7. Yes you are more than welcome to add to your daily reads! Glitter and chevron could not be more fun! I'm thinking now what else can i glitter up! Ha. I have a little obsession at the moment :)


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