Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

Sad to say that after this weekend summer is officially over for us. Its been a great break for all of us, too short of course, but life around the Foltz family will now resume as normal. We have had a busy, but great summer! We got to welcome my new niece into the world, spend time with my family {and the Hubs' as well}, spend some time with each other and Paisley, We have gotten to swim and enjoy the beach, and we got to buy a house all in a matter of 8 long short months. I wish my hubby a great next school year!


Since this is my hubs last week before school, I wanted to give him a place on my blog and a shout out! We spent yesterday hanging around one of the smaller, quaint little towns of our area and had a blast. We did Whistle Stop Cafe for lunch...yes, they have fried green and tomatoes, and if you are wondering, that is my all-time favorite movie. Great food! We then ventured down Main Street, checked out the local Spa Resort, which is absolutely beautiful, and finished off with of course, Cold Stone. 

Can you tell she loves watermelon??


I know I am way late on this bandwagon, but PicMonkey! Holy moly I may have just found the next best thing to steal my attention other than Paisley Grace. This is a great photo editing site that is basically FREE! Holla!!


The Civil Wars just came out with a brand new CD this week, and I am drooling over this new music. I honestly cannot get enough! I have been a big fan since Barton Hallow and this CD is nothing short of amazing. I am glad they could get it together and record some great music! My favorite song so far is "Tell Momma" You should really go download it. I mean it :)


My sister is probably one of the funniest girls that I know, and when I saw this on pinterest the other day, I died laughing. The story behind this is....we traveled to Nashville years ago to visit my sister at Mercy Ministries and somehow from the airport to our hotel we got the most awkward taxi driver known to man so to break the silence, my sister yelled "I live in my own world. They know me there." It was a moment that I wont ever forget because I think all of us were laughing so hard we about peed our pants. Needless to say, the taxi driver wasnt so awkward after that. This just made me think of her :)


Up until this past week I had no idea what direction to go in as far as doing our front room/office in our new home. None. Zilch. BUT then I had this brilliant idea to do something a little bold and crazy for this down home, earthy folk. I think it will be great when I get it all put together and find all the "right" pieces for it, but for now this is just my inspiration for it. Navy blue accent wall with metallic gold polka dots, cream long drapes, dark stained pallet wall for one wall, a futon that is getting re-upholstered with drop cloth, coral chevron accents and from there, I still have to figure it out :) Its a start anyway and when I can get to that room I am going to be one excited, crazy, designist. ha!

Have a fantastic weekend dear ones!


  1. I love the design for your front room/office ! I can't wait to see it! I have never heard of The Civil Wars but I will go check them out.

  2. Your little one is too cute! I have heard great things about The Civil Wars' new CD. I also just recently discovered PicMonkey and I am currently obsessed, too!

    1. Thank you!I love PicMonkey! Whoever came up with it is genius!


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