Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend has been nothing short of crazy busy. This was our last weekend before my Father-in-law leaves for another 45 days in China and it is also the last regular weekend before my hubby goes back to school. You could say that we made the most of our time....

Friday, we went and explored the Salvage Yard again to see if there was anything worth grabbing and we ended up with a few goodies. We have been on the hunt for the right vintage/rustic lanterns and for $10 we were sold! I dont know who is happier me or my hubby.

Inspiration for new dining room. Table that my hubby will make, burlap re-upholstered chairs, bench seating, TX stars {because no home is complete without a little bit of TX} and these sweet lanterns for lighting. Get excited people!! I cant wait!!

We then strolled on over to the HUGE antique store where Paisley just had a complete ball and got her first Christmas present.

Playing the Piano made just for her size..

She had to try out all the chairs that were her size :)

 I think that Kitty was her absolute favorite

The horsey that won her heart over and will arrive for Christmas :)

We finished off the night with some good ole' mexican food that was really not even that good. Nothing was pic worthy.

Saturday we hung at home for a while and then did a few back to school shopping stuff for the hubby but I scored this awesome notebook to journal with for my new devotional. Polka dots just might be my new fav...

Saturday afternoon/evening we spent at my in-laws for my father-in-laws going away party. Paisley cried the entire time. Such a heart breaking day that no pics got taken :(

Sunday was my Mother-in-laws birthday so we celebrated with Church in the morning, a good bowl of Tomato Peanut Soup for lunch and Dinner at a great place in Tampa called Ella's. Sundays are called Soul Food Sundays and we were in for quite the treat. Live music, crowded place, and amazing down home southern food. We will definitely be going back there because their Biscuits and Gravy and Vegan Mac N' Cheese were killer. Highly recommend!

The hubs and I

Because holding Moms arm helps us to fall asleep...

Hope you had a great weekend! We are tuckered out and ready for a few days of pure laziness, well swimming of course, but still days filled with nothing and nowhere to be. 

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