Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Breastfeeding Remedies: All Purpose Nipple Ointment DIY Recipe

I shared a few weeks ago about some issues we are having breastfeeding, and since then its gotten much worse. To say that it has been rough, would only be an understatement. I dont know what is going on with my little punkin, but I am determined to keep at it, no matter how hard and how much I hurt. 

We came home a week and a half ago to a fridge and freezer that had completely stopped working and you can only imagine my reaction when I realized that it had not been running for a while and I had a freezer full of breastmilk. Ya, there were some tears. Many tears, but luckily I researched and researched and my milk wasnt all the way thawed and was able to salvage it. BUT I was beyond worried and terrified of loosing everything that I have been working months on!

With loosing milk and a decreased supply due to darn Aunt Flo, it pretty much sent me into a stressed out, hot mess this last week. And with a teething baby {well, assuming} since she is pulling my nipples like none other, I have been in some bad shape, and the cream I had just wasnt doing the trick. I mean, this has been the worst its ever been. Blood, cuts, soreness, tears, excruciating pain, you name it. Paisley is so easily distractable right now that she is on and off, on and off, pulling, jerking, and yes, I have tried many times to break her suction before she can turn her head and pull right off, but sometimes there is no fair warning for when she is gonna go for it. I've tried a nipple shield and Paisley refuses to eat with it. We started out with a shield and then weaned off of it and since then, Paisley wont have anything to do with it. Sad I know, for this moment anyway. 

Till yesterday, I have manned up to the pain and gotten through it, but its gotten worse and I about had it yesterday morning so I began to do some research. Research at 4:30 am because I was in that much pain ya'll. Her latch is great, it hasnt changed, but for some reason the last week or so, all she does is pull, pull, pull. I have tried popping her every time she pulls, but she thinks its funny when I do it, and when I yell "no" she does it even harder. When I take her off and let her have a break, she screams. Its a never ending battle. A LC call just might be in our near future, but for now I have found a remedy thanks to my very early morning research.

From several online forums and google searches for "All Purpose Nipple Ointment Recipes" I have combined a few DIY recipes to replace the prescription $85 Dr. Jack Newmans All Purpose Nipple Ointment. Seriously $85 for a prescription ointment for your nipples? You have got to be joking me!! $85 + a trip to the dr to even get a prescription or a DIY $20 ointment. You pick my friends. 

I headed straight for the store yesterday morning and picked up a few things to make this concoction for sore, dry, cracked, cut, bleeding, stinging nipples. Let me just say this, once I finally got it mixed together it was instant relief and this morning I dont feel near as bad as I did yesterday. Its healing. Quickly. Can I get an amen??

I mixed equal parts of the following: {About a teaspoon of each}

*It was recommended that the Polysporin be the real deal, and the rest can be a generic brand.*

Use after each feeding

This stuff is pure bliss. I promise it works fast and will make you feel a 100 times better than you felt before you started using it. Something about using a antibiotic cream and an anti-fungal cream really helps clear up everything super duper fast. Normally I use Boob Ease Natural Nipple Balm because its organic and doesnt have lanolin or junk in it, but this time around it just wasnt cutting it for me, but I do highly recommend this stuff just for normal wear and tear of breastfeeding.

Oh the aches and pains of breastfeeding. If its not one thing for us its the other when it comes to breastfeeding, but I honestly wouldnt have it any other way. I hope this post helps someone who has been in this situation or needs a little help.

Happy Breastfeeding Momma's!
**I was not sponsored for these products. All opinions are simply my own.


  1. I'm going to have to remember this! Would you recommend Boob Ease? I am looking for a cream to use

    1. Yes! Highly recommend!! I HATED lanolin because I was sore in the beginning and it was so hard to spread on already sore nips. This one goes on so easily and is soothing all at the same time! Babies R Us generally does buy one get one 40% all the time of the product :)

  2. Thank you so much for this recipe!!! If I made a large batch, do you know how long it would keep? Also, did you wash before nursing?

  3. It should keep for a while. I made a smaller batch and I made it through over a month. I did not wash before nursing. I applied right after I was finished nursing and by the time I had to feed again, it was absorbed in pretty good. Hope this helps!


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