Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

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Shall we get down to business?

For those of you who dont know, we've been battling a dairy allergy with Paisley Grace. You can read about it here and here. It has been an extreme sacrifice to keep breastfeeding her, but I know I wouldnt ever give up the bond that we share so easily and switch to formula. I've had to cut out all dairy from my diet and for a cheese and chocolate lover, its been a tough road {a healthier road at the least} for the last five months. However, when we went to her appointment last week they suggested that we give dairy a good whirl and see if its still an issue. What did we do to celebrate? Cheese, Ice cream, Ranch Dressing, Chocolate the whole sha-bang!! You better believe we didnt leave a single thing out! We were beyond thrilled to see that Kissimmee, FL put in a Chuy's!! Since leaving Austin, TX two years ago its been very hard to find decent mexican or tex-mex food. We celebrated with Chuy's full on cheese enchiladas and their amazing Jalapeno Ranch sauce then we ventured over to my favorite ice cream place, Kilwin's for some Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel Ice Cream and then I got to enjoy some homemade Mississippi Mud. It was a grand day I tell ya!! Pure heaven riiight thuuur. 

Kilwin's Ice Cream

The best Tex-Mex ever!

Having a little fun at the splash pad after ice cream

Okay, I didnt buy this, but we got a good kick out of this one....Puppy Paint. You heard me right, Puppy Paint. Its just like the Piggy Paint, only this one is for your DOG!! While we were eating at Kilwin's we ventured into a little Doggy Boutique and they had nail polish for your doggy because apparently your furry friend needs their nails did too :) I thought about buying for our Harley pup but then I realized how crazy I might be and the time it might just take me to get her nails painted. Clever idea. Clever idea! {see the nail polish remover that goes along with it??}


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with yet another milestone moment, but because I cant capture it fast enough right now, this one will have to do since it was the same day. Our little doll started waving yesterday!! My heart literally melts every time she does it. By far the cutest thing ever besides this nose thing she is doing right now. Six months is a whole new playing field y'all but it is by far my favorite month so far! They just are so fun and if any baby is anything like our Paisley Grace then they have a personality to boot just like her!


I shared this in my Monday post here, but I still cant get over this. My father-in-law just got back from China and brought some goodies back with him and Paisley and I were given matching freshwater pearl bracelets. I finally get to share my favorite things with my daughter and this moment is one that I wont ever forget. Sweet Moment.


When Aaron and I moved last September we decided that budget wise, the one thing that wasnt really a necessity we could cut was cable. We signed up for Netflix and Hulu Plus and have done great. Besides, when all of the major television companies have apps and you can access their website and watch pretty much everything online what is the point of paying out the wazoo for more channels than you ever really watch?? We recently found and have been able to watch everything!! Its been great and to be honest I am not missing paying the hefty price tag for cable. I have everything I need. I even get my HGTV shows with Xfinity. Win!

Cheers to a good weekend friends!!

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