Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Howdy Friends!
Today is a busy day for us! My father-in-law comes home this evening from being gone in China for the last 45 days. He is going to freak when he sees how big Paisley has gotten!! Eeeek!!!
Here is our randomness from this past week :)


I have this new found love. It's called Antiques/Antiquing. I have always really loved Antiques, but with us in the process of buying our new home, I think I have gone a little crazy on a few things. Whoops sorry babe! We set out last weekend in search of old, blue mason jars to match the ones my grandmother has in her summer cabin and we found a set of 4 for $6 a piece at the flea market. Great find! We also found a bigger sized one at a salvage yard for $15. Both are from the 1920's. Is that cool or what!?


Thank you Pinterest for being the worst/best thing ever for those getting married, buying a home, learning new recipes or even how to cook, remodeling a home, or at least dreaming up a home in your head that you will never have, and basically all the best ideas for DIY and the most useful info for all the things you feel so stupid that you never thought of :) The home we are buying needs some work which is why we chose it, but thank you Pinterest I now can never sleep because I am way too excited and I have way too many ideas running through my mind! I saw this picture below and thought with my new found love, this would be the new statement piece above our bed. We found this old window at the salvage yard for $20. It.does.not.get.any.better.than.this!!! 


Along with all this antiquing I found this little vanity mirror tray beauty to fit right into Paisley's new ravamp of her room. I am pretty darn excited too! $8 for this piece. The powder tin I found at Homegoods for $5 and the perfume jar from Hobby Lobby for $8. Revamping/buying a new home was never a good idea for this girl ;)


Want a sneak peek of Paisley Grace's six month photos!? My sister-in-law took her pics and we had to wait out the rain, but it was so totally worth it. She has some amazing shots. More to come soon.

Isnt this shot killer?


My new favorite go to product when I dont exactly feel like getting all gussied up and perfect is this Sea Salt Spray. We live near the ocean but I get the feel of being in the water without having to drive to the beach everyday. At $4 this is a steal for this first time Momma

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to Y'all! 
We will be hanging with our Papa this weekend and will be back on Monday!


  1. I want to try that salt spray! I'm always looking for easy hairstyles...especially in this heat!

    1. This is definitely easy to do! Shower, blow dry, spray and go :)

  2. Where did you buy the sea salt spray? That's a steal!

    1. I got it at Ulta but Walmart also carries it :)


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