Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Comes to Visit

My Mom, Arie, Gabby, and Kylar (and little peanut) got to come visit us a few weeks ago! We had a blast (bit sleepy), but nonetheless we had soo much fun. Kylar bugs has gotten so big!!! Man do I miss that little guy! We did the beach several days, we went shopping, the aquarium, and just simply got to hang out. I miss having family closer and getting to be a part of Kylars life. Children grow so quickly that I feel like I missed a whole lifetime with him.

The weather wasnt overly great while they were here, but we still had fun and we still got some FL sunshine so that we could enjoy the beach. Kylar loved the beach!! He played in the sand, collected seashells, and put his toes in the water. Too cute to watch. I cant wait till Paisley is old enough to play with us at the beach.

Kylar and Paisley had a blast together. I have the cutest nephew....Paisley had the hiccups one evening and Kylar bugs walked right over and grabbed his sippy cup and brought it to Pais to make her hiccups go away. Sweetest moment of my life :) Kylar also would grab her nu-nu or take his out and give it to Pais when she was fussing. Again, another sweetest moment of my life. He is such a sweet boy. I think he is going to do exceptionally well with his little sister :)

We did the aquarium one day and it was a blast! We all had fun. Paisley slept through most of it, but it gave me an opportunity to hold Kylar and walk around with the girls for a bit :)

A week went by so very fast. When it comes to family, time never seems to stand still no matter how you wish it would. Fun week. Glad that Aunt Gabs and Aunt Arie could meet Pais and I could see Arie's little belly bump. Cant wait for June to come when we can see everyone again!! Love you family :)

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