Tuesday, March 19, 2013

TWO Months!!

Age: 2 Months
Birthday: January 15, 2013
Weight: 10 pounds 9 ounces
Length: 23 inches
Sleep: Sleeping 8 hours at night (yay!!!) and generally takes a morning nap for 3 hours and then naps on and off in the afternoon. If I am lucky, she will take a two hour nap in the afternoon.
My Bedtime: 9:30
Favorite Toy: Still the bear mobile on her pack-n-play, a few rings, and the toys on her playmat 
Clothes Size:  Newborn 
Diaper Size: Newborn
Milestones Reached: Cooing, smiling lots, grabbing on to some things
Firsts: A trip to the aquarium with family, grocery shopping, a concert, blow outs (haha), taking a few naps in the crib, real baths!!
Best Mood: Our happiest time of the day is the mornings, but she now becoming less fussy and a much happier baby throughout the day. Evenings are still off and on. 
Best Moments: Absolutely cuddling and when she eats at 5:00 am. She is one happy, happy baby and talks and talks. It makes getting up that early so totally worth it!! Im so in love with this little girl. No one told me how a child can take on a whole new level of being in love. 

Worst Moment: Well lately its been the evenings, but mostly that is due to not getting enough "fat" from breastmilk and also I think we are dealing with a dairy allergy. Its been a little scary at points! 

One Month|Two Month

**Paisley Grace these last two months have been some of the greatest moments of my life, and they also have been some of the most challenging moments. You have filled our home with so much love. I love getting to see your daddy interact with you....its so very cute and sweet. He is the greatest daddy and greatest husband. We girls are totally blessed with him. Your puppy Harley Jane I think is just smitten by you. She loves to kiss you and protects you from everything and everyone. Its been so fun to watch you grow and all the new things you do. I love, love, love this stage and the talking and smiling you are doing. Your little coo's just make my heart melt. One day you will know this feeling :) I cant get enough of you. Nuff said my darling :) We love you sooo very much!!

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