Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Newborn Pics

Facebook for some reason is giving me issues with pictures, and them being public, so instead of posting all of our precious baby girls photos from her photo shoot I will post for our friends and family this way. I am so very pleased with how these came out. I wish that we could have done more family ones, but by the time we got to the family photos little missy was completely done for. Eventually we will get more, and I will try very hard to not be so disappointed. ha. Paisley Grace didnt sleep through these pics much, so it made it a little harder, but I think what we did get I am in love with, so it makes up for everything else :) Our photographers were some friends of ours from church that happened to do our maternity photos as well. Love them! They are excellent and so down to earth (why we love them)! Enough rambling and here they are.....

Love this photo. I made her headband for this shoot :)

 We found this cute hat at a boutique store close-by

 My Pride and Joy

 Sweet, Sweet Baby

 This is my favorite pic of her to date

 Isnt she just precious?

 This is Harley's baby...

 Loves to kiss her baby

 Daddy and Pais

 My friend Jenica made this tutu for our princess

 Pinterest came in very handy for this one

 Pure Happiness!

 Love my little family

She has an obsession with her hands. Its quite cute

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