Thursday, November 14, 2013

TEN Months!!

Age: 10 Months

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Weight: 16 Pounds 6 Ounces

Height: 28 1/2 Inches

Sleep: You take two naps during the day that are about 2-2 1/2 hours. Sometimes if I am lucky you will surprise me by sleeping 3 hours. Night time you still wake up about every two hours to eat. Nursing is the only way you will sleep, and on some occasions you will snuggle with daddy and go back to sleep. With daylight savings, its been pretty bad. We are all messed up. Teething has caused us some issues too where you wake up every 45 minutes and cry.

Bedtime: Since the time change, we put you down about 8/8:30. We feel it out for how cranky you are :)

Favorite Toy: Grow and Learn Puppy, my makeup, your purple ball, anything you can put in your mouth :) You love playing in the cabinets and getting pots and pans out. Straws too! You like playing with DVD cases and with Daddys bongos.

Clothes Size: 3-6 month, the last of your 3 month clothes and 6 month stuff

Diaper Size: Size 2

Milestones Reached:

*You are almost walking!! Give it a week and you will be all on your own!

*Standing! Standing! Standing! You stand yourself up in the crib, in the bath, against everything. You are pulling yourself up and standing on coffee table and holding onto it and walking around

*Climbing stairs. You can go up pretty good with our help, but you cant go down yet :)

*Sitting down from standing

*Top left tooth coming in

*Pointing and reaching for what you want

*Being shy--you hide yourself in my chest

*Shaking head "no"

*Opening cabinet doors and drawers

*Coming to us when we say "come here"

*Giving Kisses--they are quite messy :)


*Love watching yourself in the mirror

*Hate Strawberries

*Will only eat carbs, nothing else, unless we have a great day and you surprise all of us and eat a fruit or veggie

*Hiding your face when we try to wash it. You cover your face with hands or hide it in your tray

*Reaching for Mommy to hold you a lot

*Saying "Momma" and "Dadda" on a consistent basis

*Ticklish--you are so ticklish its funny! Just like Mommy :)

*You have a girly scream now :)

*You love to tell everyone to "come here"

*LOVE attention! Love to have ALL eyes on you!!

*Drinking from Momma's glass

*LOVE Baby Einstein movies

*First Temper Tantrum at the store and it was embarrassing. You cried and screamed a lot!

*Love Pizza

*Love turning up and down the music volume on the stereo

*LOVE baby goats--you cant get enough of them. You want to pet them and feed them and just watch them

*You are quite the imitator. You do what you see anyone else do :)

*Love crawling on Harley and getting Harley

*You say "dog-dog"

*Love pulling books off shelf till you get the one you want

*You can quack like a duck

*Whining. Yep we have hit that phase!

*PICKY PICKY eater!!!

*Getting swatted on the hand when you have a tantrum--you think its funny!

Best Mood: Morning for sure!

Best Moments: Seeing you light up when you get to walk around, or see animals, or see something you love!

Worst Moments: You not eating and not sleeping. Its been a rough few weeks!

{Pais Grace}

Are we really at 10 months!? I dont know how we have gotten here so fast and while its bittersweet to think you are almost ONE, this short time with you has been so fun! You have a personality to boot and you are one strong-willed child. You know what you want, you dont settle, and most of the time you do get what you want :) You are spoiled to say the least! I have noticed over the past month that you really feel as if you can conquer the world. There is nothing that stands in your way and there is nothing that stops you from doing what you want. You get so giddy over things you love. I love sitting and watching Baby Einstein with you in the morning because you just start screaming and pointing soon as it comes on. You love books and the other day when we were at Target, you started screaming, pointing and telling them to come here! It was so cute! You are ever evolving and its a blast to watch! My favorite this past month has been you yelling  "Dadda" all the time and all day long! You havent wanted to say Momma much but it sure is Dadda all the time :) I think it melts his heart too :) I am so looking forward to this next month with you and Christmas. I know its going to be so fun to see lights, Christmas, presents and all the holiday cheer all over again in your eyes. Just wait for whats up a head. Although, I might be crying my eyes out that my baby will almost be turning ONE a few weeks from Christmas. What a journey its been, but I could not imagine our lives without you. You make us complete. You make me complete. I am so happy and so thankful I get to be your mommy. You are perfect in every way imaginable!!

I love you always and forever,



  1. It goes by so quickly doesn't it? She is such a cutie!

  2. way too fast :( Please tell me the second baby doesnt go by that fast :(

  3. She is so adorable - and her eyes are sooo blue! I love it. Your letter is quite sweet - it's things like that she will appreciate when she's twenty something and your friend again :)
    Whit @ Raspy Wit

    1. Thank you so much! Im so glad that one day she can look back on all of this and know everything about her growing up and how much we love her :)


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