Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cara Box Exchange

This was my first time doing the Cara Box Exchange and let me tell you...I had a blast getting to meet the ladies I was paired up with! 

I was given Melissa from Love-Always, Me to send a box to. Melissa is from NC and has the cutest little girl Madison. Melissa is a SAHM, so it was fun to kind of relate in that aspect. She has an incredible story to how she met her hubs ;) She has an Esty Shop where she does prints and custom blog designs for a really great deal. Y'all should check her out! 

Melissa I hope you and Madison had fun with your box :)

My Cara Box came from Vanessa from Girly and Pretty. I am seriously blown away by this lady! She lives on the opposite coast from us here in Tampa, so while we may not be in same city, we are still in same state and within a 3 hour drive of each other. I am really hoping that one day we will get to meet :) She is also a SAHM and I cant tell you the encouragement she has poured into me being home with a little one and sometimes feeling a little lonely. SAHM you with me?

The theme was "Fall in love with the season" and I dont think that Vanessa could have done a more perfect job. For those of you reading and dont know, we just bought our first house, renovated the entire house {well except for master bathroom} and just moved a few weeks ago, and one area that was lacking in this new season was my blog. As much as I love to blog, my page was just a "starter" till Vanessa so kindly told me that she wanted to redo my blog design and get me my own URL for the blog. Blogging is one of my favorite things right now and for her to work as hard as she did, I am so impressed and so thankful. She nailed it on the head. I dont think I could have picked a better layout myself. I showed her what I was looking for, told her my style and she ran with it and made something beautiful! I am so in love!

Thank you Vanessa so much for my amazing design and for making me really want to spend all my hours here writing and pouring my heart out!!

Cara Box


  1. It was so nice having the chance to get to know you and your family. ♥ Paisley is just the absolute cutest! Please, keep in touch! :)

    1. It was great getting to know you guys too! I love seeing all the post of Madison. She seems like so much fun :) If you ever come this way lets please meet!!


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