Tuesday, November 26, 2013

His & Her Chrismas Wish List

After buying a house and having a baby all in one year I would say that we are pretty much done for, but there are a few other things that we are needing to move forward into this next year! I am so excited for all the new things that are to come in 2014 and new opportunities that will begin shortly after the New Year! Hope you will stay tuned till then!


Nikon D3100 after much research I have selected the camera and I am so excited for this little thing to come :)

Camera Tote I found this on Etsy and I am in love! It will be a great addition to the one listed above!


Men's Boat Shoes the hubs ruined his nice pair working on our house and the ones he had they discontinued. I think this ones will make the replacement pretty smooth

Weed Whacker so that our lawn can look just as nice as the neighbors! No seriously..


Yamaha MM8 the hubs and I so desperately need a keyboard. We have been searching for over a year and waiting for a good deal and we found one and its on layaway! I so cant wait till this thing is in my home!!

Sustain Pedal it will be a must for the new addition to our home :)

Keyboard Stand because the keyboard will need some place to sit right?

Happy Holidays!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Etsy has the greatest stuff :)

  2. Buying a house really does suck the money right out of your account the first year. There is just so much you need!! We are in the same boat bought a house and had #3 this year!

    Kate @ Raising the Rogers

    1. Oh does it ever! There is still a lot we need, but its going to have to wait :)


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