Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paisley's Christmas & Birthday Wish List

I cant believe Christmas is almost here and before long my baby will be turning ONE!! 
Oh the time flies and I just cant catch a grip!

Most of Paisley's Christmas stuff has arrived {thank you grandparents} I, on the other hand am slacking and have not ordered a single thing for her yet! I will be on that right after Thanksgiving though!

Here is what Paisley is asking for her FIRST Christmas

Paisley's birthday happens to be a few weeks after Christmas {lucky girl} and here is what she is asking


  1. Since our baby girls are almost the EXACT same age I knew I needed to check out your blog to see what every little 10-12 month old is wanting this Christmas. I will definitely be checking some of these items out. Like you, I haven't done ANY shopping yet. Or planning of her first birthday-Jan 26th. Time is going WAY to fast. I can't catch up! I love that you put a convertible car seat on her Birthday list. We are changing over to that too. What made you decide on the Graco? (I am still in research mode) Thanks for the Christmas shopping help.

    Jill @youemandcapri.com

    1. I decided on the Graco after lots of research and seeing a FB discussion about the Graco carseats. They seem pretty good for the money and had great reviews! I am still looking but for now we are sold on that one above :) Hope you have fun shopping!

  2. Paisley must have a bday nearly the same as Aria's. Our lists are pretty similar, except I'm holding off on the kitchen set until next year...I think. I love it though!

    1. Her bday is Jan 15th :) All these babies close in age are fun! I thought about waiting for the kitchen but she has something to grow into now :)


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