Monday, November 25, 2013

Mommy & Me/Weekend Recap

How is it seriously almost Thanksgiving! My mind cant even wrap itself around where this year went. Oh wait....I have a baby that I am dreading turning one in two months!! 

We have busy week up a head of us, but I am looking forward to spending lots of time with family, a little shopping and well, eating about 10 pounds of food Thursday! Do y'all have any fun family traditions you are looking forward to this year?

Friday, we went to the Hillsong United concert, and while it was a little challenging with Paisley, they were stellar! As a performer and musician, I so appreciate when you attend a good concert where they actually sing! What you hear in their CDs is exactly what you get live. Flawless. Incredibly humble and so beyond having the fame, and their name. If you ever get a chance to see them, GO!!

Saturday, we spent the morning lounging, then Christmas decoration shopping at Michael's and dinner at an amazing local BBQ place. My hubs and I moved from Austin and we have found ok BBQ, but this place almost compares to Rudy's. Truthfully, nothing compares to TX BBQ, but this was so close y'all! If you ever visit TX or you have never been to a Rudy's, do yourself a favor and get yourself there immediately! You will thank me later :) Try the extra moist brisket...that's always my fav! We closed out the night with a Festival of Trees event. BEST part of the month so far! Paisley LOVED all the lights, trees, ornaments, Christmas decorations, and well, she wasn't too fond of Santa, but it was a great night! Makes me that much more excited to get our Christmas stuff up this week and how she will light up to all that is about to rock her little world!

Sunday, Pais and I stayed home from church. I am finally getting over this nasty cold and not having a voice, and sadly, Paisley has moved from her virus last week to my yucky cold :( It literally breaks my heart seeing her feel yucky. Her and I spent yesterday morning cuddling and watching a Christmas movie. Then while she napped I spent hours cleaning and doing laundry {all that I slacked on last week}, making Paisley a tutu for Christmas {post to come} and finishing a Christmas banner. Productive morning for me while my baby had a great nap! We spent the evening celebrating my SIL's birthday complete with food, cake and a bonfire! 

Great weekend if you ask me ;)

And now for a spew of random pics from this weekend...

Hope y'all have the HAPPIEST Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. ohmygosh daddy sitting on Santa's lap? too funny!

  2. haha I know! That was the only way that Paisley would get close to him!


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