Sunday, September 15, 2013

EIGHT Months

Age: 8 Months

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Weight: 14 pounds 5 ounces

Height: 26 3/4 inches

Sleep: Nightime is not great at all. You take two naps, sometimes a third if you are overly tired which is of late because you wont sleep at night. You wake up every hour to three hours. You and mommy are exhausted most days! Teething must be ruining our whole lives!

Bedtime: 8:30/9 I am thinking if we get you to bed before you are really tired we might just be able to fix this nighttime nonsense. We'll see what happens....

Favorite Toy: KEYS!! You love our keys! You also love your exersaucer, books, baby doll, taggies elephant, anything that makes noise and your blocks

Clothes Size: 3 months still and some 3-6 months. You are a petite thing :)

Diaper Size: Size 2

Milestones Reached:
*Standing up holding on to something
*Copying sounds and emotions
*Making {some} animal noises
*Working on crawling
*You have got your two bottom teeth! You are adorable with those little toothers :)

*Reaching for what you want
*Looking for things when we hide cookie!
*Motioning "Come Here" {Best thing ever}
*Trying to feed yourself
*Saying buh-buy
*Sticking out tongue
*Sitting yourself up from laying down. Its a lot of work but you manage to do it when you want

*Loving your new stroller
*Love Peekaboo and you try to play too!
*First BIG fell out backwards in your carseat onto the tile floor. It was heartbreaking! We all cried!
*You LOVE to growl
*Love making high pitched noises
*Love standing yourself up in the bathtub {kinda}
*LOVE Daniel Tiger on PBS
*Dealing with separation anxiety :(
*You roll EVERYWHERE! Its so funny!
*Love sleeping on your belly. Thats how you sleep most night
*LOVE mangos

*You copy us when we laugh, growl, or make some funny faces
*You swung in a big girl swing and liked it so-so
*You have to tell all your animals and things night-night
*Tapping on beat to music! Its amazing!!
*LOVE puffs
*You dont like wearing spend half the time trying to take them off

*Messy, Messy, Messy eater!!
*You think it is funny to fake whine just to get our attention. Its funny!
*VERY opinionated
*You tell us when you are angry and dont like things! Attitude from a lil thang!
*Ticklish on your back
*You are a busy body. You never, ever stop moving!
*You hate getting like to roll over and not let us change you
*Painted your piggies...too cute for words
*Drinking from a sippy

Best Mood: Mornings by far! I have never seen a happier baby than when you wake up! Makes my whole entire day!

Best Moments: Seeing you learn and do new things! You are a copy cat to the max. I love doing something and you imitating what I am doing. I cant get enough. It makes my heart spill out on the floor. You also dropped your spoon one night and kept telling it, "come here." It was the cutest thing ever!

Worst Moments: Dealing with all this teething, you falling on your head, suffering separation anxiety and not sleeping at night. 

**Paisley Sunshine: You are the highlight of my life. I just cant seem to get over the fact that you are MY daughter and I get the honor of being your mommy and staying home with you everyday. You never cease to amaze me. I never imagined how great having a daughter would be, but you have exceeded every dream and every imaginary thought of what being a mother would be like. Thank you for making my dreams come true. You are becoming quite the little firecracker, and quite the personality! You have some sass and down right stubbornness about you. We wont talk about where you got that from ;) I love how fast you are learning and grasping things. If you could get up and walk right now I am sure you would be on your way. You never stop. You always have to be moving. Always talking, always making some kind of noise, or imitating us. My favorite thing that you do right now is "come here" If we could ever get it on video I might just be the happiest girl ever! I love your little giggles. Its music to my ears and the growling, although not very lady like, I fall in love with every single time. Its funny! You are a funny girl. We might just be in trouble with you when you get older. I cant wait! Life with you wont ever be boring. Thats for sure! I love you sweet girl! Cant believe how fast my time is flying with you :(


  1. Rychelle! She is just precious! Happy eight months, Paisley! The time really does go so fast, doesn't it!? :(


  2. Oh my goodness. Paisley is TOO cute!! Don't you wish we could just stop time for a bit? It goes so fast! Your family is absolutely darling!!

  3. What a sweet little thing Paisley is!! You will be so happy you are documenting her life later on, I only wish I started sooner!

  4. I'm seriously in love with her eyes! And I love the little pedicure!


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