Monday, September 9, 2013

Birthday Weekend Recap

In honor of the hubs birthday today, we celebrated all weekend long! Here is how it went....


Because we have been on the go so much since all this house stuff, we both decided we were really tired to go out and do much so we opted for chinese take-out, redbox, gummy bears and M&Ms to complete our night. We also caught ourselves up on Rookie Blue and Masterchef. We rarely ever spend Friday in so it was a nice change of pace for us and relaxing too. We rented At Any Price with Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron. It was a decent movie, but one that is not worth watching twice. 


Im kind of wishing this day we could start over and have a redo of, but what was sad and heartbreaking turned into a good rest of the day. I got up and made the hubs Birthday Cake Pancakes {recipe to come} which were amazing! We got ourselves ready and were headed out the door to Kissimmee for Chuys when we had a little accident. Paisley fell out of her carseat backwards and landed on the tile. She was ok, but since my hubby was carrying her and it happened with him, he fell to the floor just sobbing and so upset that, that had happened. She was fine and was completely happy a few minutes later. She didnt even cry that hard, but for us first timers it was quite the shock!!! This incident left us home for sometime until I made my hubby get up and get out to go have some fun and get our minds off of it all. We drove to Clearwater Beach and ate at the Columbia which has the best spanish ever!! After we ate an early dinner, we drove down to Johns Pass to get a little Kilwins Ice Cream and to just hang out around the water. Then back home it was for this ole folk to get up early. If you seriously havent ever had Kilwin's before....I suggest you RUN and find one near you! Their Toasted Coconut ice cream is to die for, to die for!!

she got to meet Lisa the talking parrot

Happy Birthday flan!

Telling Dadda its ok :)


We spent the morning at church and then for some spontaneous fun, we drove to Kissimmee for real this time and had Chuy's {Only thing the hubs requested for his birthday} and then it was home sweet home for a night swim. I think we have a little swimmer on our hands because the girl wouldn't stop moving or giggling :) 

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend!! Here's to you my love!! Happy Birthday!!


  1. What a fun weekend!

    I'm sorry Paisley got hurt! When Autumn was just starting to sit up she fell of of the couch. I was hysterical because I was worried she hurt her neck or head. I literally had nightmares about it for a while after. I felt so guilty! She was fine but anytime your little one gets hurt it is devastating.

  2. Its very devastating, but she is alright and I think as parents we just have to know that things are going to happen. I have had plenty of freak accidents when I was a nanny and this is no different :) Its tough feeling responsible for a little human being sometimes ;)

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