Friday, June 28, 2013

Five On Friday

Is it really Friday!?
I have spent this whole week either a day behind or a head of myself.
We have a week left for vacation and then it is home sweet home!


We have been so blessed that we have been able to spend time with my family for as long as we have. I have really enjoyed getting to see Paisley interact with her cousins Kylar and Bentlee. Paisley and Bentlee are still so little but it warms my heart that when Bentlee is awake Paisley just wants to check her out and try to hold her little hand. The sweetest sound is hearing Kylar say, "Paisee." I need to capture it on video, but anytime Paisley drops her toys or needs her Nu-Nu he is right there to give her lots of toys and give her the pacifier. Its so cute. Im really going to miss these moments for sure!

Kylar giving Pais the Nu-Nu

Both girls sacked out with purple Nu-Nu's
Grandma and the babies

{First Foods}

We just started giving Paisley some food and my oh my does she ever love it! I dont think I will have to deal with a child who will not eat because if you give her a plate of food, I guarantee that it will all be in her mouth within in five seconds. We have been doing oatmeal for a little bit of time, but we just introduced Sweet Potatoes and Bananas, and Paisley got super lucky one night and daddy let her suck on a piece of watermelon. Im sure she thought she was in straight heaven :)

{She Reads Truth}

I was reading breastfeeding diaries the other day by Girl in the Red Shoes and came acrossed Mackey Madness's blog and was scoping it out and found just what I have been looking for for several months. A devotional! #SheReadsTruth has a devotional on Hosea and I am currently in my third day and have fallen in love. Its a short 16 day devotional and takes about 15 min or so to read it. You will love this one!

{Deals of the Week}

My mom, sister, Bentlee, Paisley and I ventured out to Walmart yesterday for a few baby items and I came across these beauties. The Mason Jar Tumbler is especially my favorite because I can now sit and feed Pais and not have to worry about a glass falling over or being able to reach it from the coffee table and for a whopping $5 this is one happy momma! The red nail polish was not something I was on the hunt for but I really love the sparkly color and its about to be festive for Fourth of July next week so I would say at $3 its a win!

{Headband Obsession}

I told you last week I had an obsession with glitter elastic and well this week since some of it has come in the mail, my crafty hand has been put to good work this week!! Today is suppose to be the go getter with my sister and my mom so Im sure that there will be a post to follow with our favorite tutorials and just what we have come up with. Oh I cant wait!! Having a girl is seriously dangerous ;)

Paisley's Fourth of July Beauty

Loving the sequin bands as well ;)

That's all for this week! Have a great weekend!


  1. Where did you find that mason jar tubler? Love it!

  2. I found your blog on Five for Friday and wanted to say hello! #shereadstruth is great!

    1. Also I'm a new follower on Bloglovin!

  3. Hello! Its nice to "meet ya" I will have to follow you back :) And yes, #shereadstruth is awesome!


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