Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!!
Sure seems like this week has just flown by but I guess when you're busy time really does fly.
Now who's ready for a little five on Friday!?
Lets get ready shall we?


This week my hubby and I celebrated our Third Anniversary! This was the first year that we have not gone anywhere or stayed on the beach, well, I should say, we didnt do anything this year. Not even dinner, but I am really hoping with all of our babysitters around right now we can make it somewhere to eat, or just get coffee and chat with no interruptions this weekend. Feels like just yesterday I married my best friend. I think in all honesty, I really do have the best husband! I couldnt have asked for a greater man to spend my life with. I am blessed beyond words.

Whats your favorite date night idea?


Sunday (Father's Day) we welcomed my niece Bentlee Kamryn Sarr into the world. She was two weeks early and weighed 6 pounds 1 oz and 19 inches.
None of us thought she would come that early, but it just so happens that while everyone was out of town for the weekend, and Aaron and I both sick, she calls to say, "Im having contractions and we are headed for the hospital." We all thought they would send her home but with a text at 12:22 am saying c-section at 1:00am none of us slept and have been going since. She is such a doll and oh so tiny! I am so in love with her and I think Paisley is as well, even though she doesnt really understand :)

Isnt this just darling?


First let me just say this, I LOVE games. I really love games. I grew up playing all kinds of games and this game we came across a few weeks ago is one of my all time favoritest games. Yes, that is not a word, but who really minds?
This game is really simple and will have you laughing hard. I am so glad some friends showed us this game, because my life right now is happier. How the game works is you have five seconds to answer something like, "name 3 types of dogs." If you dont get all three in five seconds it moves to the next player and they have to come up with 3 answers and cant use anything that anyone else has said. Seems so simple, but truth be told, when you are in a time crunch, you just cant always spit it out.
Try it my friends. You will be glad you did :)


I am obsessed right now with glitter elastic. I dont know how I have gone this long without it. Now that we have some ordered, thank you Etsy for soo many places to buy and all different colors, we will now be spending all next week making headbands. Who can really blame us when you have a new baby girl in the family and a momma who is obsessed with putting head candy on her little baby girl!?


Want to know what I will be doing this weekend? We will be going to the drive-in. I seriously cant even remember the last time that I went and saw a movie at a drive-in theather and I am so stoked! I dont know what the movie is, and quite frankly, I dont really care because we are going anyway. Its time this girl got out and did something I havent done in ages, and Im pretty sure my husband hasnt ever been to a drive-in so this will make all the more fun!
 I will let y'all know what the movie was when we find out :)

Well my friends, we are done here and there is one last thing to say:
Have a great weekend!


  1. I've always wanted to go to a drive in. Maybe one day!!

    Happy anniversary!!

    1. Thank you! Drive-ins are fun! Its something different from your typical movie theater atmosphere. Its well worth the trip to one :)

  2. happy anniversary!! the hubs and i just celebrated our 3rd as well :) hopefully you can sneak in a make up date soon!

    1. Thank you! And Happy Anniversary to you too!! A make up date is a must :)


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