Friday, June 7, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Y'all!
 Today means that we have just 3 days till we are in Colorado and on vacation!!
We are ending this week with another Five on Friday!

OnE: New favorite hair product Im loving is Paul Mitchell's new Ultimate Waves. My mom gave me this product right after Paisley was born and since then I cant get enough of this!! You can put this in and let your hair dry on its on to get a beachy look or scrunch up to get wavy curls or you can blow dry and get a sleeker look. I usually put in and let my hair do what it wants, because after all, when you have a baby there is little to no time at all to get yourself ready. You mommas know :)

TwO: Deal of the week was these $2 pair of jeans from Carters. Here in FL all we have is shorts, skirts, dresses and more dresses. Im thinkin since we are going to be in Colorado for a few weeks and the weather is very unpredictable we better be prepared for every possible season we might have to endure while there. Who cant beat $2 jeans for a lil one!? 

ThReE: My beloved juicer oh how I love thee! I seriously would be lost without my juicer and my immersion blender. We made fresh Orange Juice yesterday morning and it was delish! Here in FL we wait till January for fresh FL orange juice, but this was just as tasty! Our favorite juice is Sweet Potato, Pineapple and Orange. Sounds weird, but juiced Sweet Pots are actually a great drink or smoothie. So much you can do with this thing! I will be asking for a vitamix next though :)

FoUr: I saw this quote the other day on pinterest and lets just say that it could not be anymore truer :) I know way too many times to count, I hold myself back from doing a lot of things because of fear and not adding up to who people want me to be. This is something that I am working on BIG time and trying to let go of. God has called me to do specific things and I need to learn to rest in that. We are our worst critics.

FiVe: My cookbooks. My hubby and I decided that at the beginning of the year and when Paisley was born that we wanted to begin with a fresh start and do mostly a vegetarian diet 1 so we could get healthier and 2 because after gaining 25 pounds I was determined to get off in the healthiest way possible. Well, we can thank Paisley and her food allergies because we I really had to get on a strict vegetarian/vegan diet (still having meat here and there) to keep breastfeeding (diff story for diff day). My mother-in-law got these cookbooks for my birthday. They have great, great recipes. The plus side of it too is most of the recipes are 30 minutes or less and use staple food items that most people keep in their pantries. Easy to prepare and cook! Our favorite is the Chickpea Tenders from the Everyday Happy Herbivore. You can also find more recipes on the Happy Herbivore Website

Well that wraps us up for this week! Have a great weekend everybody!

If you have any tips for flying with an infant please share in the comments. 
Im getting a little nervous...eeek!


  1. Love, love, LOVE my juicer. We have the same Breville model. I watched the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and got so inspired. Haven't juiced in about a week and need to get back on the wagon. I throw kale and cucumber in mine to get those good veggie nutrients (that I otherwise wouldn't eat).

    1. We just watched that video about a month ago! Talk about eye opening! Kale is a biggie for us. I should try the cucumber. I know celery is suppose to be good but its one that I cant seem to like, well maybe beets too :)

  2. I am with you on the juicer! I would die without mine. I like your blog! I saw you on the Friday link up ;)


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