Monday, June 24, 2013

First Foods

For the last few months, Paisley loves to grab our plates (if we are holding her while eating), and tries to eat what we are eating. To say the girl loves to eat would only be an understatement. She's always hungry, and sometimes it makes it hard for us to get out of the house, because lets face it, when you are nursing and have to feed every few hours, it makes being in public a little challenging. 

We started her on oatmeal about a month ago and she loved it. We tried Rice cereal and she wasn't a big fan. Plus, with allergies I have to be careful so we didn't do oatmeal all the time, but now I think we are on a more consistent basis since we hit the five month mark. 

When we got to CO Paisley kept reaching for the bananas I was eating, and because I was told we could start her on mashed bananas I let her try. Bananas were a hit for our little girl!! She loves to just suck on them and eat them every time I eat one. She now knows and recognizes what a banana is and reaches for one if they are in her reach. 

Out of curiosity I bought Sweet Potatoes the other night and decided to give it a whirl. Paisley absolutely LOVED the sweet potatoes so much so that when I stopped to pull her back up in the chair, she cried and screamed. I believe we might just have a great eater on our hands :)

Here is the first foods captured in pictures....

First Oatmeal

First try of banana

yum, yum, yum Sweet Potatoes

Hurry Mom, feed me!

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