Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday

We are back again with another Five on Friday with some great blogger gals!
Who's ready for this week!?

1. Colorado

Since we landed Monday we have been in one of the states history worst fire devastation. Its has been a very sad week seeing everything unfold and people who are losing everything that they own. The two big ones are in Colorado Springs where we were when we first started our vacation and the second is at the Royal Gorge located a few miles from my grandparents. The Colorado Springs fire-Black Forest is the worst in the history of CO. Its burned 16,000 acres, 40,000 have been evacuated and 360 homes are a complete loss. Fire is nowhere near contained. Royal Gorge fire is 20% contained and has completely wiped out the park except for the bridge. Somber week here in CO, but it is still great to be home! I have missed my family more than I can say, and we are getting a break from the humidity!!! Pray for CO and the firefighters this week...they need rain like none other!

Black Forest Fire

Royal Gorge Fire

2. Coffee, Coffee, COFFEE

FIRST time in forever I was able to have coffee that was DAIRY FREE!!! This has completely made my week! It was the best thing on this earth :) I had a mocha with dairy free chocolate syrup and it was to die for. Wishing that ALL states could have a Dutch Bros, because quite frankly, starbucks brews up a nasty cup of coffee and doesnt cater to those with allergies.

3. Shopping Deals of the week

I have been on the hunt for the perfect statement necklace in a teal/turqoise/mint color and finally find the right one at Forever 21 before we left for vacay. The pink cut off shorts from American Eagle are the most comfortable pair of shorts that I have worn in a long time and they were on sale! Last but not least, for a shoe addict, Im totally in love with these little wedge closed toe shoes currently. It has been forever since I have stepped foot into a DSW since we dont have one close to us, and my mom and I went a little crazy!

4. First Baby Doll

Paisley was given her first baby doll from her Dramma and I am totally kicking myself in the butt for not capturing that first moment on video. Paisleys eyes lit up and she reached for that doll right off the bat. My mom gave her a waterbaby which was the only baby that I would ever buy or pick out when growing up. I cant tell you the feeling of getting to see your little girl playing with something that you use to play with as a child. I dreamt of having lots of children and here is my first pride and joy getting to enjoy some of the very same things that I did. Not long after being given her dolly Paisley realized she could take the paci out of the dolls mouth and into hers. Priceless moments.

5. Family

Great-Grandpa Chuck got to meet Paisley for the first time ever Wednesday. I have been waiting and hoping for this day my whole life. My grandparents are everything to me. My grandma would have loved Paisley to death. Nothing compares to these moments right here.

Happy Weekend Y'all and Happy Father's Day!!


  1. First time by the blog and Miss Paisley is a doll!!! Excited to follow along!

  2. Aww! So glad Paisley was able to meet your grandpa! So sweet!


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