Friday, June 14, 2013

FIVE Months!!

Age: Five Months

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Weight: 12 pounds 12 ounces

Height: 24 1/2 inches

Sleep: Now sleeping about 8-9 hours straight at night. Occasionally you whine or cry in your sleep, but you are a great sleeper! Nap times, Im lucky anymore if you will take any, but if you do, you take one in the morning around 10 or 11 and then an afternoon one around 3 or 4 and most of the time you sleep for two hours or a little less. We had a few rocky nights where you were awake every hour--must have been that four month sleep regression or the teething. Who exactly knows but you :)

Bedtime: Still the same- 9:30/9:45

Favorite Toy: oh boy, anything that you can really get your hands on at the moment. You LOVE anything that crinkles, playing with your puppy Harley, you love the TV, your toes have become the best toy for you because you never stop sucking on them :) Your new baby I think would have to be the top of the list favorite right now! Your face lits up everytime I give you your baby--its the cutest thing ever!!

Clothes Size: 0-3 Months and 3 Months

Diaper Size: Size 1

Milestones Reached: Where to begin. So many new things this month.

*Teething. We have hit the dreaded stage of teething and for the first part you werent too bad, but for the second part, all you did was fuss and scream. You didnt want to be held and you didnt want to be put down. Rough day for you and mommy. You are starting to show a little white spot. (5/22)

*You got to hang at the beach for the very first time, well you've been to the beach but you have slept through it all. You loved it!! You love the water. (5/25)
*Taking out your paci and putting it back in your mouth. You are a smart cookie (5/21)
*FIRST CEREAL!! You werent sure about it at first but you really loved it afterwards! (5/25) Oh we gave you oatmeal. You didnt care for the rice cereal.

*First Food!! I let you suck on my banana and lets just say that you loved it so much you screamed when I took it away. (6/12)
*No more cooing :( You are becoming quite vocal and quite the chatty cathy. You love attention! If we arent looking at you or playing at you, you like to scream or squeal till we notice you.
*Holding your own bottle!! (5/28)

*Reaching for anything and everything you can get your hands on. You especially like to grab our glasses when drinking and you love to grab our food and try to put it to your mouth. I cant wait for what it will be like when you can have all that stuff :)

*Dramma gave you your first doll. Loved that very first moment.You took the babys paci out and put it in your mouth, but you love your baby. (6/10)
*Your first major trip was to CO to visit family. You did excellent on the plane! I am one proud momma! (6/10)

*Love sleeping on your side now :)
*Reaching for momma!! Love this more than you know :)
*Love covering your face with your arm while sleeping and eating. Its very cute!
*Grabbing cup in the bath and bringing it to your hands. You are growing too fast!

*Your test results for your allergies are finally going back to normal! No more inflammation!!
*You dont mind the nose suctioner. I think we have the only baby who giggles while we do it!
*Factime with your great grandpa for his birthday! He thinks you look like your mommy...I have to agree!
*You love the TV!! You talk and giggle at it.

*Distracted by EVERYTHING!! It makes it so hard to feed you sometimes.
*Crinkling your nose just like mommy :) You are my girl!
*Meeting Great Grandpa for the first time ever....I think he adores you :)

Best Mood: You are the happiest baby I know. You hardly ever cry, but your happiest moments are first thing in the morning :)

Best Moments: There are way too many to count. You are such a blessing. I love waking up to your cute little face and knowing that I get to be around for every single moment. You are growing so fast. Favorite moments are just seeing you so happy and giggling, not to mention, all the screaming and squealing you are doing :)

Worst Moments: Teething. Makes me so sad that I cant really do anything when you are in pain.

**Paisley Grace you are becoming quite the cutest little individual and I am so proud to say that I get to be your momma. People just love you, and I totally see why. I am enjoying every moment that you are changing. I live for these moments because I know one day soon these moments wont always be there. You are my greatest joy in life. Thank you for trusting me to be your momma and to give you the best that I can for you. This past month has been one of my very favorites. Your personality is starting to shine through and its the most darling thing ever! I cant wait for whats to come next month!! I love you so very much!!

Three Months|Four Months

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