Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Today is the first time that I have been able to be home since you've been gone. Tonight as I stood on the porch I am caught off gaurd by an old scrapbook box that has long been faded from the sun. Something about that old box brought me to tears. I always said that when you were gone I wasnt sure how I was going to make it, but here we are years later and all I can think about is how happy you must have been to finally go home. You knew your time was coming eventually, and while others read books about heaven you chose to never read them. You always said you just wanted to experience it yourself someday. I am happy because you are where you always wanted to be most. You are missed everyday or every moment. While I am happy for you, I grieve knowing that you arent here to talk to anymore, hold my hand, or meet my precious baby Paisley. I know you would have absolutely adored Paisley. She will one day know all about you and how you were my lifes greatest treasure. Few ever have a grandmother or grandparents in my case that made life so special.

I still remember one of the last times I spent with you. I had come in and every light was on in the house. You were making copies of your favorite devotional book just to see if your new copier worked. You had candy stretched out from one end of the counter to the other. You said had all the lights on and candy out because you could. Grandpa wasnt home so you figured you could do whatever you wanted. It still makes me smile and laugh.

I have great memories of our time together. I was always your girl, and I always will be. I know that the time since you have been gone feels like an eternity, but really its only been the start of a beautiful new chapter. We will meet again. You will meet Aaron and Paisley one day and my heart will ever be glad. I know if you were here you would say dont cry when Im gone, but sometimes it just seems necessary. You made me who I am. You taught me about life. You taught me what it was to love. You taught me what it was to give. You were a one-of-a-kind.

While I can say we miss you here, I bet you are livin it up. Your legacy is lived on and you are far from forgotten. I hope you know today is a special day for us as we remember just how great you were. So as we close out this day, Happy Birthday Grandma we have celebrated you today!

Love you so very much and miss you more than you know

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