Friday, May 31, 2013

Five on Friday!

Friday is finally here and no one could be more excited than this girl! This week has been busy to say the least!
I found this new link up "Five on Friday" on a blog site which I totally love.
Im excited to share my first Link up!

ONE: Totally obsessed with my hubbys version of Black Beans and Yellow Rice. Monday while we were at the pool, he so graciously made us black beans and yellow rice, something I was craving, and to be honest I didnt have an expectation that it would be hit list worthy, but he totally proved me wrong. Lets just saw I was not embarrassed to eat 4 helpings. YES 4!! I will post recipe here soon!

TWO: To some, this may seem random and weird, but right now I am currently loving Walmart brand diapers. Who would have thought!? When Paisley was a newborn Target diapers were our go to. When we first moved her up to size 1, Huggies pure and natural were our go to, but when she started leaking out the sides and back of her diapers, and many outfits throughout the day, I had to do something differently. Someone had given us a pack of walmart ones so I decided to give these a try knowing that the Newborn ones werent a success for us at all, and surprisingly these will be our go to for the moment. We've gone one week without any leakage or blowouts! Hallelujah!!

THREE: Upon having to completely switch my diet to a no dairy diet to keep breastfeeding a little one with an allergy, all I could think about was how am I ever going to give up chocolate!???? I am the world's biggest chocolate lover! With the help of my vegan mother-in-law and many "vegan chocolate dessert recipes" later I think we finally have a hit; Black Bean Brownies. Not just any black bean brownies. 100% healthy and truth be known, I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO REGULAR BROWNIES AGAIN!! That is how good these are! No, really, from a chocoholic I promise once you try these you wont ever go back! We've tried them with Canola Oil and as the recipes calls for, Coconut Oil. Coconut Oil is the winner! Promise, you wont be disappointed! You can find the recipe here (we use Enjoy Life chocolate chips in case you were wondering)

FOUR: Time to get this post-pregnancy body back into shape! Since I dont have time to get to the gym with a little one, I have resorted to workouts through DVD, Pinterest and Hulu Plus. Right now I am stuck on this short, intense workout from fitsugar. If you follow my blog, Im trying to upload my weekly workout fav on Wednesdays. This workout is 10 minutes, seems simple, but completely challenged me, who by the way is a little outta shape ;) Find the workout here.  

FIVE: THE BACHELORETTE!! I have been waiting for this season, well I wait for every season, but I fell in love with Desiree on Seans season and am so stoked for her season!! Im not overly sure about the men yet, but we will let a few episodes run their course and hopefully by then I will have my mind made up! Heres to Monday nights!!

Happy Weekend You all!!


  1. Thanks for sharing the brownie recipe! Sounds interesting yet tasty!

    1. You are most welcome! I thought the very same thing at first, something about beans and chocolate going together seemed odd, but it has changed me :)

  2. Hi I found your blog through the Good Life Link up. Thanks for the tip about the Walmart diapers as our baby boy is 3 weeks old. We have been using huggies that were given to us as gifts and the target up and up brand.
    Feel free to follow/subscribe to my blog.


    1. Congrats on your new little one! Time really does fly by quickly. Our baby is about to turn 5 months and I cant even comprehend where the time has gone!! I will check your blog out!


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