Monday, May 6, 2013

Blueberry Picking

Paisley's First Blueberry Picking Experience!

Saturday, we took Paisley blueberry picking and I think this might just have been the highlight of my year!! We left early so that it wouldnt be too hot, but in the end we ended up having the most perfect, beautiful weather. Last year, we went blueberry picking way out in the middle of nowhere here in FL and it was fun, but I think this year takes the cake. So weird to think that last year I was 5 weeks pregnant, and this time around our lil missy is 3 1/2 months! Where does all the time go? I mean really? 

Paisley was an absolute perfect angel, and no I am not saying that just because she is my child. She never fussed once, which is a new thing for this momma! She talked the ENTIRE time, and smiled and smiled and smiled. I thought she may get a little fussy since she didnt have her morning nap, but to my surprise and everyone elses, she was one happy baby! 

She loved getting to pull on the trees, and grab at the blueberries. Something new and much different for her. We also picked Strawberries, and from what I am told, she loved those even more than the blueberries. She was reaching, grabbing AND squeezing the strawberries. We had quite the mess to clean up with her fingers when it was all said and done :) 

I couldnt have asked for a better Saturday or a more perfect baby. I have to just say that as each day goes, and all the new milestones and firsts, I fall more in love with our Paisley Grace. I love being her Mommy!!

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