Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I saw another blog post, where she blogged about her favorite baby products or MUST HAVES so I thought I would do the same here, in case any of you were curious!

1. Moby Wrap

Oh the beloved Moby Wrap! I dont know how I went the first month without it. Paisley loves to be held so by tying her up in this wrap I was able to get more stuff done and she was able to be held close to me, and sleep. This was a BIG win and a BIG lifesaver!!

2. Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes

This really are soft and sensitive. I bought a ton of Walmart brand wipes and I hate them. I prefer to wipes a little babies bum with something soft. Its only right!

3. Medela Nipple Shield

For those of you who have flat nipples (like I do), inverted nipples, or problem getting baby to latch, I have found this shield works wonders. I would be so lost without this thing. Serious!

4. Johnson & Johnson Nursing Pads

I loved these brand particularly because there are so much more absorbent than most brands. I tried the Lansinoh brand and hated them. I was more frustrated by them than anything else.

5. Target Brand Milk Storage Bags

Love these suckers! They may be an off brand, but to me, they are more durable and better quality than all the others. First years are awful, and Lansinoh arent that great either. For the price these just cant be beat.

6. Boppy Pillow

I would be 100% lost without my boppy pillow. This is how I feed Paisley 99.9% of the time. It gives me something to rest my arm on and it props her up so it makes feeding so much easier for the two of us, especially at night.

7. Boob*Ease

Ok, ok, I tried Lanolin and I think because it was so darn thick, it actually made matters worse than actually helping my sore, hurting nipples. I looked and looked for other alternatives, and after pretty good reviews on this stuff i thought it would be worth the try. I am so proud that I decided to try this amazing stuff. Its really does soothe and help take away a lot of that pain new breastfeeding mommies experience :) Definitely worth the extra few bucks!

8. Rock and Play Sleeper

BEST, BEST, BEST baby product on the market!! I was just going to use the pack and play and at the last minute decided to get one of these bad boys, and let me tell you, you will not be sorry you got this thing. Paisley slept great in this thing! It kept her elevated so kept reflux and spit down. Its lightweight and very very portable. Everyone should have this thing! It really is that great!!

9. Swaddle Me

Paisley loves to be somewhat confined even though she loves her hands way to much, but this helped keep her sleeping through most of the night. This made her feel safe and secure. It was the only way that we could get her to sleep and keep her asleep.

10. Target Brand Diapers

We tried, Pampers, Huggies, and Walmart. Nothing worked as great for us as the Target brand diapers. We had less blow outs with these diapers than anything else. They are very absorbent and work great at least for little girls. They cost less too, so that makes me a very happy mommy :)

11. Medela Pump

Love my medela pump. I initially bought a playtex and was sold on just using the playtex pump, but then we were given the Medela and I fell in love. We used the hospital grade at the hospital and loved that even more, but Medela really is the #1 pump.

12. Born Free Bottles

I planned on using Playtex drop ins and breast flow bottles only. I bought several of each, and the Tommie Tippie ones, and then we were given the Born Free Bottles and it was the only bottle that Paisley would end up taking. Funny how that works! She still refuses other bottles except for these :)

13. Gumdrop Pacifiers

My lifesaver!!! Literally!! Paisley is a comfort sucker and for so long I would just boob pacify but that got to be too much. Luckily, my sister got Paisley to take one of these bad boys and it has saved our lives. We dont go anywhere without one of these! Miracle worker is what this should be called. We would be lost without these, and Paisley would pry just scream her head off most days without one of these little miracle things :)

There you have it! These are our favorites! Hope they help some of you when you are trying to figure out what stuff you really need :)

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