Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

I know we had a blast this weekend! I will try to recap as best as this sleep deprived momma can. I dont know who is more tired. Me or Paisley? She is sleeping away while I blog. Imagine that. When you have the time to sleep you never do, and when you dont have the time as you want to do is sleep. Ah, thus is life!

Aaron finished school Friday so to say the least we ALL were very excited!! Love that summer is here!!

Friday afternoon we had to take Paisley to the GI Specialist, which we were 15 minutes late for, and appointment only lasted 5 minutes, BUT we got a GREAT report!! She is looking better and finally no blood! I am a happy momma! Then, we decided to try a little dessert and coffee place near the hospital and when I tell you in a moment that they had THE best vegan chocolate cake, I literally mean it! Since Chocolate Cake is my downfall, and I cant have dairy for the time being, this was an even better substitute for actual chocolate cake! It was pure heaven on earth! I dont think that I will go back to regular chocolate cake! 

Friday evening we did Pizza (vegan pizza with soy cheese), still way better than regular pizza as I am finding out, in Tampa and it was delish! The weather was absolutely perfect! Great evening and start to Memorial Weekend.

Saturday, we got up early and went Jet-skiing. It was basically pretty hot and a little stressful trying to juggle a baby in the mix, but overall it was a blast! It was my first time on a jet ski and lets just say that we will be doing that again! We also did lunch at a little restaurant in Dunedin which was to die for. Saturday evening was a lazy evening. Something about being in the sun just makes you super tired, and makes for an even more tired little baby. We also wished my grandpa a happy 81st birthday by facetime!! Talk about a best moment! That was also the first time he was able to see Paisley...

And, what kind of Mom would I be, IF I didnt include a milestone for little Miss Paisley....She had her FIRST oatmeal cereal!! SHE LOVED IT by the way ;)

Sunday, Paisley and I stayed home from church so that we could do a big steak cookout with my in-laws. Talk about some food! I think I have eaten way more this weekend than I have in a long time. Good times with family. We played a new game {New to us} called 5 second rule. We laughed and laughed. That game will be added to our must plays from now on.

Monday, we slept in, cleaned up a bit and had my in-laws over to take Paisley swimming. I didnt expect anything less, the pool was crowded. Weather was beautiful as always, and hot. Such a fun day, but I think Paisley has about hit her limits for being out and about without a regular schedule. I have to add, my hubby made the most amazing black beans and rice for lunch! We ate and ate that till it was basically gone! It was THAT good!

We finished the fun filled weekend off by a little shopping for little missy, pizza {yes, again}, and some time with Papa before he leaves for China for 4 months! 

GREAT Memorial Day Weekend I would say! 
Now...back to reality :)

She fell asleep playing guitar. Its hardwork being a baby ;)

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