Sunday, May 19, 2013

You Know You're a Mom When...

I was having a discussion with a friend yesterday about being a new mom and all the duties that came along with being a mom and I wanted to share what my life is really like now that I have a baby in my world....

You Know You're a Mom When....

1. You spend more time analyzing the color, smell and consistency of your baby's dirty diaper than you spend doing your hair

2. You wake up humming songs from either the baby swing or the baby toys

3. You find yourself swaying and rocking in the grocery store line when you're baby is at home with Daddy

4. Your baby is decked out from head to toe and you're just lucky you got to pee alone or even take a 5 minute shower

5. You stick a pacifier in your mouth just to clean it off because heaven forbid, your baby cannot have a dirty Paci

6. You find yourself looking at diaper bags the way that you use to look at purses

7. You have burp clothes on every piece of furniture and baby wipes in every room

8. Showing up on time, now means being at least 20 minutes late to everything

9. The music you play in your car now consists of baby Mozart

10. The first place you run to in Target is the diaper aisle and no longer the beauty products

11. You get so excited that your baby has finally burped

12. You can put on makeup one handed while baby sleeps on your shoulder or in your arms

13. Your google search history is all related to baby searches

14. You learn how to clean and eat very very fast in fear of baby crying or waking up

15. You get in the shower and panic your baby will wake up and be screaming when you get out

Well there you have it! Hope you enjoyed a good laugh! 

Happy Sunday!

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