Monday, December 2, 2013

The Newest Addition to Our Family

Settle your horses down because no we are not adding another baby to this family yet, or a furbaby, but we did add this.....

I am now a proud owner of the Nikon D3100!! Y'all I am so in love with this camera its ridiculous! I spent months researching and looking at the best option for us me and its been so fun the last few days!

I CHOSE THIS BECAUSE....for our budget it was a great buy, it had excellent reviews, great beginner dslr, it has an HDMI input, does HDR video and so many more fun things!! My hubs really wants to do a worship video blog, and this baby will help him do what he wants. 

This camera is a 14 megapixel camera and takes stellar photos! It also does great videos too! 

We have messed and messed with this thing and while I still have a lot of learning to do, I feel like I finally understand this thing and can do what I am wanting to do. I need a lot more practice shooting in manual mode, but we will get there!

The BEST part about this camera is that even though we bought it off of craigslist, it is completely brand new, never been used at half the price of a brand new one! I have been watching craigslist for months on this thing and was about to just give up when I saw one post last week for lower than what I was wanting to spend and luckily, the guy still had it and well, we looked at it, got the price even lower and now it lives in our home :) AND the guy we bought it from was amazing! He was an older gentleman, told us he was a christian and well after an hour of talking with him, and messing with the camera, the hubs and I both left in tears! We went to buy a camera and left completely touched by this gentleman. Stuff like this doesnt happen every day, but God knew exactly what we needed last week. It was a divine appointment!

I am one happy camper! Happy early birthday to me!
Besides Greater than Gatsby and Florabella does anyone have any recommendation on more photoshop actions that they love?? I am highly addicted to actions right now :)

All the photos posted below, here and here are taken with my new found joy! 

Can you tell that Paisley will be a featured little one??

Love this photo my hubs shot last night while Paisley was looking at ornaments, which she totally loves!!

The hubs and I also did our Christmas card photos and I am in deep deep love with how they came out!! {Post to come}


  1. Stopping from the hop! :) New follower! My husband & I have that same exact camera & we LOVE it! Enjoy!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Im so glad we chose this camera! Money well spent :)


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