Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mommy & Me

Happy Monday! I dont know if you all are as tired as I am today, but this past week has left me dry! We had so much, never stopped and ate more food than we possibly could fit into our bellies! 
Thanksgiving was a blast, and to say that we made the most of our time while the Hubs was on break is an understatement! I cant wait to share with you all our fun break and a little sneak peek of our Christmas card shoot :) We also did some Black Friday shopping...ok, ok, I did all of it online except for what the Hubs grabbed at Guitar Center. It was a fun time indeed and now this mommy will be in sweats and doing nothing but watching Christmas movies!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? 

I love the reading pics. Paisley decided that she wanted to pull off all the books off her shelf right before we needed to leave for Thanksgiving dinner. The Velveteen Rabbit was the book of choice that morning to read. Hubs took these pics using our newest member of the family....NIKON D3100! An early birthday present for moi {post coming}! 

Hope you have a happy week!

My Everyday Love


  1. That second to last pic is so cute - her face =) Glad your Thanksgiving was a good one! It is exhausting having a good time...

  2. haha I know! Its way exhausting, but no one tells you that part :)


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