Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Y'all I love the Holiday season, but after going non stop for the past few days with a baby in tow everywhere we go, I am certainly feeling the exhaustion and we havent even reached Christmas yet!! Im hoping that despite all the craziness we have this weekend in preparation for our Christmas Eve party that we get a little bit of down time in there somewhere! 

I cant believe this is our last Friday before Christmas! It feels so unreal. Time is passing much quicker this year since we had Paisley and come the beginning of January I am going to be beside myself that Paisley Grace will almost be a year!!


Wednesday we were able to pick up our Christmas gift that all the parents helped chip in for and Aaron and I could not be any more excited than to have a Yamaha MM8 in our home!! We have searched for over a year for a good deal on a keyboard and havent found one that was really in our budget until I happened to see one pop up on Craigslist through a pawn store and immediately we put it on layaway, and well, the rest is history! I love our new keyboard and I know its going to help us tremendously!!


Paisley was able to open an early Christmas gift from Aaron's Mom and Step-dad and we have had so much fun playing with the Fisher Price Little People Nativity! Paisley loves the people and the animals!


Tuesday for my birthday we took Paisley to the Wild Wonderland at the Tampa Zoo and to say we had a blast was an understatement. She squealed, screamed and pointed at the thousands of lights and at the animals! This girl is a hoot! We are taking her to the Zoo for her actual birthday and I cant wait to see the excitement when she can really see all the animals!! Best birthday ever!! 


My hubby surprised me with this beautiful necklace for my birthday! I am so proud of the choice he made :) He gets major points for this one!


I know as the beginning of the year approaches, I am in desperate need to get back to getting healthy and getting into shape. My MIL just got this book on a Black Friday special and now I am really wanting this as well! Alot of the recipes can be used for simple, quick and healthy lunches. Lunch time is something I fail at miserably with having a baby at home because sometimes as a mom you just dont get a break and lunch time generally is the one that suffers the most. Lots of salad ideas and simple wraps and other yummy recipes! Hoping this book finds its way into my home before January 1st :)

Merry Christmas you all!! 
I am off to finish stocking stuffer shopping!

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