Sunday, December 15, 2013


Wow I seriously just typed the Title and I am already in tears! Im sure that is an indicator for where this post is headed...

Age: 11 Months

Birthday: January 15, 2013

Weight: {Guessing} 17 Pounds

Height: {Guessing} 29 Inches

Sleep: All is pretty much the same, but a more set schedule. Generally, a two hour nap around 10/10:30 and then another two hour nap around 3:00. You are doing better sleeping at night, but there are still a few nights where you wake up 3-4 times a night. Nursing is still the only way that you will go back to sleep at night, but I am finding that if you have your blanket, pacifier and I rock you long enough, sometimes that will do the trick!

Bedtime: You go down now about 8/8:30. You get a bath first and then its play for a few minutes or read a book and then I nurse you and its out for the count!

Favorite Toy: Anything in the fridge, Christmas ornaments, Christmas decorations, the pots and pans cabinet,  straws, magnetic letters on fridge, trash can, eating Mommy's make-up brushes and the broom

Clothes Size: Some 3 months but mostly 6 months now

Diaper Size: Size 2

Milestones Reached:

*Dancing! You love to dance when music comes on!

*new top left tooth!!

*Standing and then sitting

*Pulling yourself up on anything and everything

*Tantrums-these are bad! You scream, you cry, you put your head on the floor. We ignore you :)

*Climbing stairs-you like to crawl up the stairs all by yourself :)

*Pulling yourself up, standing without help and taking a few steps

*Yelling "Momma" and "Dadda" on a more consistent basis

*Drinking from an actual glass


*Opening cabinet doors and drawers

*Running-this is so funny! We hold you in the air and you run. Your little leggies just move soo fast

*Squealing when you get excited over toys, or something you like

*babbling-having conversations as if you were a grown up


 *you dont care much at all for Santa Claus

*pulling ornaments off tree

*LOVE Christmas lights

*Love pulling bows off presents

*Love pop up books, touch and feel books, and pull and see books

*like limes, oranges, bread and pizza

*love playing in the fridge

*holding my finger while you nurse

*drinking from a drinking fountain--thanks dadda!

*you see duck and quack or when someone says "duck" you quack..too smart!


*clingy and just want mom a lot

*Reaching for mom to hold you

*when you get shy you hide in my chest

*pointing and reaching for what you want

*Love playing with Harley

*crying when you dont get what you want


*throwing food and being a picky eater

*signing "more"

*sucking thumb occasionally

*saying "more"

Best Mood: Pretty much all day, except when you are tired :)

Best Moments: Seeing you get so excited over so many things, and realizing what everything is! You love adventure and knowing what everything is. One smart cookie :)

Worst Moments: Tantrums. You put up a screaming fight. You are way too much like your mom!!


Im crying because I just dont know how this year went so fast with you! I am shocked that I am writing Eleven months because it doesnt at all feel like its been that long! I am having the time of my life with you! You are way too much fun, and way too smart for your own good. You pick things up quickly and when you set your mind to something, you will do anything and everything it takes to get what you want. Even if its throwing the worlds worst fit for it! You are strong-willed, stubborn and way to much like me, than I want to admit. But you are also so down to earth and just easy. You always go along for the ride and you always are smiling whatever we are doing, even when you are tired! We've been really busy lately and you just chill with us! I couldnt have asked for a better, happier, smarter baby then the girl I get to spend every day with! You are a joy! Its been so fun to see you "evolve" and become your own person. You are figuring out what toys are and you squeal and scream down the aisles because you are so excited! I cant wait to see what Christmas morning brings! Every time you wake up, you stand at the foot of crib and say "dog-dog". Harley is the first thing that you want to see when you get up! Its cute! You get excited too when Dadda comes home from work or gets you up! I have a feeling one day you will be a daddys girl and you will have him wrapped around your finger...dont tell him I said so :) You are getting better at playing by yourself. You get so focused on things sometimes that it takes you to a whole new place and you forget whats going on around you. Wish you could see how funny it is :) You have started dancing this past month and its my favorite. You are so into music, just like us! I cant wait to see if you are musical and if you want anything to do with music. You are too much fun! There is never a dull moment with you! You add so much to our lives Paisley Grace and I am soooo thankful God gave us you! You are quite the character and are going to bring a lot of joy to people :) 

I love you so much punkin!



  1. she is so cute!!! time sure flies with little ones reminder to treasure every second. Been following since the mom-lovin' blog hop!

    1. Thank you! Yes time flies by way too fast with little ones! Glad to have you following along :)


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